How to Mix Goldwell Paint

Mix colors yourself with ADLER tinting paint

For your own mixing of colors you can use any white emulsion paint and mix it with the Colorit full and tinting paints. Depending on the mixing ratio, you get a stronger or lighter, pastel shade.

How can I tint wall colors?

If you want to design your walls individually and colorfully, we recommend mixing colors yourself with the Aviva Colorit full and tinting paint:


✔️ For tinting all water-thinnable wall paints

✔️ For interior and exterior emulsion paints

✔️ For all wall and ceiling coatings

✔️ Weatherproof



There are several ways in which you can mix wall paint and obtain your individual color shade. Either you can have the colors mixed professionally with a color mixing device at the ADLER Farbenmeister, or you can use tinting paint and mix your own unique shade. If you want to mix the paint yourself, you can use any commercially available white emulsion paint and mix it with Aviva Colorit full and tinting paint. Depending on the mixing ratio, you get a stronger or lighter, pastel shade. And ADLER shows you how easy it is to mix colors:

Mix colors yourself - instructions

  1. Use a color card to determine the color ratio of your desired color.
  2. Stir the white base paint with a stir stick or electric drill beater.
  3. Mix in the desired color in the chosen mixing ratio until a uniform tone is created.

Preparing to mix colors

The first question to be answered is: “In which relationship do I have to mix the white wall paint and ADLER Colorit? ”Many do it according to feeling. The Aviva Colorit color card or the Colorit color fan from your ADLER partner will help all other do-it-yourselfers.

Before you mix the two colors together, first stir the white dispersion paint AVIVA Alpen-Weiß with a stirring stick.

mix colors

/> Add your desired amount of Aviva Colorit. We opted for a light shade of yellow in the Mixing ratio 1:50 decided. We have to add 180 ml ADLER Colorit to the 9l Aviva Alpen-Weiß.

Mix the two colors well with a stirring stick.

Tip: With a Drill and a whisk the colors can be mixed more easily. Only when it no streaks of color, but results in a uniform pastel shade, you can start painting.



How do you mix the color petrol?

Petrol is a mixture of blue and green. In combination with white tones, the elegant color brings freshness to your four walls. Petrol also goes well with gray tones. Petrol goes perfectly with the bright yellow or orange (as complementary colors of green and blue).

TIP: Always mix small samples first! To do this, measure each color addition with a cup and note the mixing ratio for later.

How do you mix beige wall paint?

To mix the color beige, use a white emulsion paint and the Colorit tinting color oxide brown (suggested mixing ratio: approx. 1:20). Depending on whether you prefer a lighter or darker beige, the mixing ratio changes. Please refer to the Colorit color card. Now add the tinting paint to the wall paint and stir vigorously with a stirring stick.

Which color results in what?

Mixing the primary colors (yellow, red, blue) results in secondary colors. Violet is obtained when blue and red are mixed. You can find detailed information on the color wheel in the article "The color wheel and its application".


Mix colors yourself Table: Download Colorit color card.