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Are you a trout fanatic and really want to fish with the best trout bait? It is not that simple, because there is a huge selection of trout baits. We'll show you the best bait for delicious fish. So your next fishing trip is sure to be a success. So that you don't lose track of all the bait possibilities, we have put together our most popular catch guarantees for you.

The trout bait overview

Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference between tailoring and “I can't get all that fish into my car”. We'll start with a list of popular baits and then go into detail about the trout baits. First of all, as always with fishing bait, we differentiate between natural and artificial bait.

The baits mentioned are more likely to be category groups, because there are still various differences, especially when it comes to spinners, softbaits and wobblers. Anyone who stands at the trout breeding tank with a large stock of trout will probably also get a bite on the bare hook. But that's another topic.

Spinner and blinker

Even if the spinner is no longer one of the most popular catchers, it is definitely one of the best trout baits. Both the spinner and the blinker come into question here. The nice thing about the spinner is not only the shine and the movement, but also the accuracy with which long throws can sometimes be achieved. Admittedly, you can go much further with the blinker than with a small spinner, but this fact can be countered with a Sbirolino. This allows a larger area to be fished in a targeted manner and this is certainly the quickest way to find trout. It is up to you whether you walk along the bottom, in the middle water or on the surface.

Here you should adjust the bait control if necessary, i.e. if no trout bites. From experience, spinners that are led slowly and with breaks catch much better. Here the trout immediately suspects a sick prey fish, which should bless the time. Depending on the weather, you will use a lighter or darker bait. If the sun is particularly strong, you can choose a darker color. Cloudy days and cloudy water make bright and shiny decors particularly welcome. White weirdos almost always bring the desired success.

Trout batter

Trout batter makes you want more. The trout are crazy about a delicious batter. Whether you make the dough yourself or buy a ready-made one does not play a major role at first - apart from the price. Usually this comes in a classic glass over the fishing counter. With this variety, every angler swears by his own favorite. If you ask ten anglers, you will also get to know ten types of dough. The colors also play an important role again. Therefore, you should take more than one dough with you to the water. You can offer the trout dough stationary or drag it. If the dough is not offered for plum fishing, but is offered with action, then it has to be brought into shape for a good hold and the right movement.

Here, too, there are various nice accessories and options. In addition to the tried and tested spiral shape, which is simply kneaded with your hands, you can use a prefabricated shape. You can actually get these in every fishing shop. So that you can see that the dough really holds and has optimal movement, you should test it in sight. Do not forget that not only bright colors are popular, but also the smell plays a decisive role. Garlic is a popular addition. Often it is worth taking a secret look at the neighbor, trying to use a trout bait that no one else has.

Bee maggots

Bee maggots are extremely popular and there are few trout anglers who do without this bait. Here you can either drag with the float or tremella fishing. Tremella means something like Tatterich, here the bait is presented extremely catchy with - at first glance seeming strange - trembling movements.

The hook is given an L-shape. If you are wondering whether a large or small hook makes sense, you should tend to go for the larger version, as it simply fits better the first time. The first bee maggot is brought completely onto the hook from the head. One should be very careful here. Anyone who uses violence and does not show enough intuition risks that the bee maggot will tear and the juice will leak out. Depending on the quality of the bee maggots, this is easier or worse. If the threading does not succeed despite high-quality maggots, you have to check whether the hook is too thick. The second maggot goes on the bow of the hook. Due to the L-shape, the maggots turn in the water and irritate the trout to bite.


The good old wobbler is also a great trout bait. It is advisable not to unpack the largest specimen in the fishing box; wobblers up to 5 cm in length are a good guideline. The bait guidance takes place depending on the water temperature and bait. If the water is very cold, the wobbler is guided rather slowly. With a lot of oxygen and higher temperatures, the trout are very lively and are also enthusiastic about faster running baits.

Depending on how far the fish are from the bank, you can also choose the wobbler. Other targets that should be actively fished make a crankbait ideal. The crankbait attracts a lot of attention due to the strong displacement of water. The basic fishing technique with the wobbler as trout bait is characterized by slow and even processes. Sideways movements are not necessary.


Of course, the soft bait should not be missing in the bait box. Soft fish, twisters and other soft imitations are also very popular as trout baits. You can vary the technique, be it as a dropshot assembly or just with a jig head. Of course you can also combine both and attach a jig head with rubber bait instead of the dropshot lead. Trout are very suspicious. Therefore, it is better to take a lightweight variant. Five grams is enough. From experience we can say that rubber baits usually also bring larger trout. But they have another advantage: you don't have to constantly change the bait because of their firmness.

Fish spawn

You can also outsmart the trout with fish eggs. In order to also create visual stimuli, it is advisable to use fish spawn with a color. Salmon trout eggs are a beautiful red color and stand out. The trout does not mind that the trout bait comes from their conspecifics.

However, the adhesion on this bait is very annoying. The fish spawn just doesn't want to stay on the hook, especially with long and hard casts. The reason for this is self-explanatory, because fish eggs have extremely thin and sensitive skin. A simple trick can quickly remedy this. With a ladies stocking or similar material you can lace a small bag full of fish spawn and thus present the catchy bait on the hook without any losses.

Black beetle larvae

The black beetle larvae are also known in the trade as zophoba larvae or giant mealworms. As a layperson, you could easily mistake it for a mealworm, which, by the way, is also a good bait. The difference for the eye is that the larva of the black beetle is darker and much larger than the mealworms. With a length of up to five centimeters, a zophoba larva is a real treat for the trout. You can actually get the coveted bait in every pet shop, as it is a popular dish with reptiles. The larvae do not swim, so they need some swimming tutoring in the form of a self-made buoyancy. Trout dough, for example, is suitable for this.

Conclusion trout bait

That was our little list of trout baits that we've tried and found to be good. We wish you all the best with your trout fishing. If you catch some, our contribution to gutting trout will also help. Also leave a comment if you have had particularly good experiences with a particular bait. If you don't want to spin or float fishing, you can also try your hand at fly fishing to pull a trout ashore. For this, it is best to read our article Fly fishing for beginners.

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