100ml perfume how long

Shelf life of perfume: This is how long you can use perfume

If you find an old perfume while cleaning up, you may be wondering about the shelf life of the fragrance. For how long you can use perfume, see this article. We also give you tips on how you can extend this period of time.

Perfume - that's how long the shelf life is

You will look in vain for an expiration date on your perfume. Still, there is a clue.

  • As a rule, you can assume that perfume has a shelf life of around five years. However, a couple of factors affect this length of time.
  • As with so many things, correct storage has a major impact on shelf life. Protect your perfume from light and heat so that the great scent is retained for as long as possible.
  • So the bathroom is not the best place to keep - it is usually too warm there. The bedroom, for example, is better. It is usually coolest here and you can quickly find a small cupboard or box in which you can store the scent in the dark - and you don't have to dust the bottle as often.
  • Sunlight is perfume's greatest enemy. The window sill is the worst possible place for storage.
  • A high alcohol content keeps perfume fresher longer. Here, eau de toilette has the edge. To avoid volatilization too quickly, it is best to use an atomizer.
  • If perfume is more than five years old, that doesn't mean it's bad. Trust your nose: if it smells rancid, you can no longer use it. If you do not feel this smell, there is nothing to prevent you from continuing to enjoy the smell.
  • By the way, we will tell you in another article how you can make perfumes last longer.

If you don't like your old scent anymore, you will learn in the next article how to make your own perfume.