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Lifestraw - clean drinking water for you and for the whole world

Whether traveling, trekking, mountaineering or cycling, continuous fluid intake is extremely important for physical well-being and physical and mental performance. Water is completely sufficient to compensate for the loss of fluid.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find hygienic drinking water even on a mountain tour. There may be a dead animal lying in the mountain stream, or a herd of cows or sheep grazing further up. And in many countries around the world, clean drinking water from the tap is generally not a matter of course.

For 2020, Lifestraw is bringing fresh colors to the market in environmentally friendly packaging with a higher proportion of recycled and reprocessed materials and less plastic. In addition, Lifestraw is now using a mixture of 100% compostable sugar cane pulp and recycled paper for the inner packaging of the Lifestraw Go 2. The Lifestraw Go 2 Stage water bottles are now available in the colors Clear, Clear Blue and Dark Teal - the range now includes bottles in ten trendy colors. The original Lifestraw Personal water filter is also available in the new color green.

For every Lifestraw product sold, a schoolchild in need receives clean water for an entire school year. Lifestraw's give-back program is long-term and socially oriented.