Middle part suits which face shape

Which glasses fit which face?

Face shapeCompromises and no-gosThe round faceAnyone who opts for striking glasses frames can distract from the shape of the face with conspicuous temples and opt for narrow full-rim frames. Furthermore, the color of the glasses frame should rather be reduced. This is achieved with frames that are only colored on one side.

Round glasses are not recommended. These would also emphasize the broad shape of the face. All particularly conspicuous frames are also unfavorable. The round face is also shortened by a wide and eye-catching frame and tall lens shapes.

The oval faceThis face shape invites you to compromise and play with the different shapes and colors of the glasses frames. Small glasses with narrow lenses appear particularly unfavorable. This makes the already narrow face seem unnecessarily elongated. Round glasses could also look rather unfavorable and almost get lost in the face. This is especially the case with larger faces.The rectangular faceThose who stand by their face shape would rather underline it than correct it with suitable glasses. This is achieved with angular glasses frames, particularly eye-catching glasses and colorful glasses models.The heart-shaped faceIf the lower edge of the glasses is emphasized too much, the area below the cheeks appears too prominent. The area of ​​the heart-shaped face is comparatively small. With large, gaudy glasses you do little for this face shape.The trapezoidal faceNarrow glasses should not be the first choice for this face shape. This would make the lower part of the face appear even wider. The harmony of facial proportions is also lacking in glasses with particularly low temples.