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The meaning and effect of the color pink

At home, the color pink creates a great indoor climate, it helps us to find inner peace and serenity. Pink gemstones give us strength for upcoming challenges. We'll tell you what the meaning of the color pink is all about!

We see something through rose-colored glasses or float on pink clouds when we are in love. Anyone with a vivid imagination imagines something in the rosiest of colors. And if you want to convey something very positively, you present it in the rosiest light. There are numerous shades of pink and the power and meaning of this color are just as numerous. We have compiled some facts for you.

What is the significance of the color pink in nature?

Even if you wouldn't suspect it: the color pink is widespread in the animal kingdom; there are numerous pink animals. Many of these are very rare, some only live underwater and others only turn pink over the years. Perhaps best known for this color is the flamingo. It owes its color to its food, which mainly consists of algae and small crabs. These contain orange-yellow carotenoids that color the plumage. Similar to beta-carotene, which protects a person's skin from too much sun, the carotenoid can do the flamingo protect against diseases and infections.


Rosa in society, culture and religion

  • in theOrient Pink stands for the color of masculinity, while blue is the color of femininity.
  • In politics the color pink itself is not used. However, red stands for a socialist and communist orientation. So pink (if you think of it as a lightened red) is the color for voters with a socialist or communist touch.
  • In art Pink is also represented, namely as the color of the Rococo.
  • In the liturgy the color pink, when imagined as a lightened violet, is a sign of anticipation.
  • In society signals to Rosa that she belongs to the gay and lesbian scene.
  • In dream interpretation the color pink stands for one's own longings and needs as well as secret desires.

Effect of the color pink on the body and mind

The color pink soothes, promotes the reduction of aggression and thus also the inner peace. Whoever wears a piece of clothing in this color exudes warmth, serenity and satisfaction. If you often feel down, the color pink will put you in a good mood.


Pink as the color of clothing

"Clothes make the man.", "You are what you wear." - These and other phrases make it clear how important the right clothing is for a person.

The right piece of clothing can not only underline the physical advantages, but it also says a lot about its owner.

What can you express with the color pink?

  • Elegance: Those who like to wrap themselves in pink exercise genteel restraint. Instead of your clothes, you draw attention to yourself with your actions and work. Anyone who dresses in pink looks elegant, but not cool.
  • Serenity: Pink has a calming effect - and the wearer of a pink garment also radiates it. Above all, sensitive, sensitive contemporaries prefer this color.


The effect of pink according to Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a special way of designing your own four walls. If your space is set up correctly, the chi can flow and you feel really good. In the teaching of Feng Shui there are five important elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The color pink belongs to that Element fire, she shines friendliness and warmth out. If you are in a room that is painted in shades of pink, you will feel well cared for and balanced. If you were in a bad mood before, then you definitely won't be anymore. The color pink is also effective mood lifting.

Pink gemstones

There is a very special fascination with gemstones. Mainly because they are said to have a positive effect. Worn as a necklace or in drinking water: Numerous people use gemstones to strengthen or maintain their well-being. Pink gemstones help us to achieve inner balance and more serenity, but they are also supposed to strengthen the heart and circulation.

  • The Morganite can strengthen the lower urinary tract and give you relief from a bladder infection.
  • Through the Rhodochrosite you will achieve greater satisfaction, you will come to terms with yourself. It also has a balancing effect on the purification organs and the digestive system.
  • The stone of love and heart is the Rose quartz. It strengthens the cardiovascular system and gives you the strength for upcoming challenges.

Pink as a chakra color

Our body has seven important energy centers, the so-called chakras. These can affect not only our mood, but also our health. If you open these energy centers (or even just one), you arrive at inner balance and contentment. Like the color green, the color pink is the same Heart chakra assigned. This is in the middle of the rib cage above the heart. If it is blocked, it stands for suppressed feelings and difficulties in the social environment. If it is active, it brings body, mind and soul into the balance. In addition, it promotes self-healing powers, our compassion and loving interaction with our fellow human beings.

The zodiac signs and the color pink

  • Especially the sociable and active Aquarius likes the color pink. He is very versatile, which helps him in many situations, but he never stays in one place for long. He is restless and finds it difficult to switch off. The color pink, just like gemstones in this color, help lively Air sign to inner stability and serenity.
  • Security and a stable environment are essential for the bull very important. If he sees these solid structures endangered by external influences or if he feels threatened in his existence, the color pink can soothe him. It promotes his courage and reduces his fears, so that can Earth sign take a deep breath again.

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