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[Shisha] Really ignite natural charcoal in just 3 steps

hello com.

Today I'll show you how to light natural charcoal for water pipes easily, quickly and effectively.

Materials seen in the tutorial:

Step 1
(Cocobricos, stove, electricity)
__________________________________________________ _______________

Well, let's start with the first step. You put the plug of the stove top in the socket and distribute as many as you want on it. I put them all side by side in one place (I recommend the middle) so that the heat builds up.

__________________________________________________ _______________

step 2
(Aluminum foil)
__________________________________________________ _______________

In this second step you build a small windbreak out of aluminum foil so that too much heat does not escape. If you already have one, you should skip this step. This small and simple aid shortens the ignition time to 2/3 of the actual time. I tore off about 1.30m for this, folded it horizontally and vertically and made an object with a small hole on the top and a large (corresponding to the diameter) hole on the bottom.
It is best to use a standard can (0.5l | 0.33l) as a template.
Conveniently, you can then turn it upside down, on which it also acts as a windbreak.
My copy is not ideal, but it had to go a little faster earlier and I didn't have any relevant items nearby.

__________________________________________________ _______________

step 3
__________________________________________________ _______________

The following step three is the last step of my tutorial. Here you have to decide for yourself when you think your money is 'through'. Usually this happens after approx. 7-10 minutes (with wind protection).

Charcoal after about 4 minutes. Then the coal gets too hot for me and I didn't want to accept any lens damage.

__________________________________________________ _______________

I hope you enjoyed my instructions, I would be happy to receive feedback.


Image contents

More options as well as head tutorials will be coming soon.

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