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LAHORE (Dunya News) - Another faction of the Tehreek-i-Labbaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLYRA) continue to stage sit-in on the Mall Road outside Punjab on fifth day.

The protesters led by Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali have refused to end the sit-in till the acceptance of all its demands by the Punjab government.

Activists of TLYR chant slogans at Faisal Chowk in Lahore. --- Online service

While announcing detachment from theagreement between Faizabad protest leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi and the government, Jalali said that they will not call of their protest until Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah tenders his resignation.

He said that Rizvi neither contacted nor took him into confidence while ending the sit-in at Faizabad. Jalali also expressed concern over the agreement.

Women walk past the banner hanging outside Punjab Assembly in Lahore. --- Online service

He warned that they will extend their protest to other provinces to pressurize the government.

Dr Ashraf Asif Jalali have demanded to public Raja Zafarul Haq report, register FIR and take action against those involved in killing the men during protest and register case against Sanaullah.

A motorcycilst cross the hurdles at Faisal Chowk due to the protest of TLYR in Lahore. --- Online service

However; the provincial law minister has refused to tender his resignation as demanded by a right-wing group saying that they have gotten the resignation they had initially demanded.

Meanwhile, in a gesture of goodwill Punjab Chief Minister ordered the release of leaders and workers of the TLYRA who were taken into custody a few days ago.

A female motorcyclist turns back due to the protest of TLYR in Lahore. --- Online service

The sit-in has led to blockade of the main thoroughfare causing huge traffic jam on Mall Road and alternate routes of Lawrence Road, Mozang Road, Fane Road, Safan Wala Chowk, Cooper Road, Kashmir Road, Laxmi Chowk and its surroundings.

People are forced to cover long distance which takes extended hours to reach their destination.