Simplicity of How to Build an Arcology Launch Center

Arcology reports successful tests of the groundbreaking application of distributed databases in the blockchain space

Technological breakthroughs show that more speed and reliability are possible on the company's blockchain platform

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA (June 27, 2019) - Investment firm Codebase Ventures Inc. (Codebase or the Company) (CSE: CODE - FWB: C5B - OTCQB: BKLLF) announces news from its Arcology investment portfolio and the results of its most recent Testing. These results reinforce popular beliefs about the company's new and unique approach to computing and confirm that it is possible to create an enterprise blockchain platform that can compete with current technologies in terms of performance and price.

Efficient, accurate and trustworthy data storage is a central part of all blockchain technologies; but even today's fastest blockchains perform worse than centralized systems, said Mr. Zhang. The main reason for this are certain data processing restrictions. Arcology's unique architecture overcomes these barriers, however, and enables the use of distributed databases to process and store transactions at speeds that cannot be found anywhere else.

The tests show:

- The use of Arcology's revolutionary new architecture removes the restrictions that once made distributed databases and blockchain technology incompatible;
- By using a distributed database, Arcology can use the advantages of parallel data input and retrieval for several databases;
- Switching to a distributed database model increases the speed and reliability of the network noticeably; and
- Storing data on Arcology's blockchain platform is hundreds of times faster and cheaper.

In developing and reviewing our applied distributed database, we found absolutely no conflicts that would prevent further development, said Laurent Zhang, founder and president of Arcology. We are now ready to switch from conventional single database structures to distributed databases, which offer many advantages in addition to greater speed and reliability. This is critical to bringing Arcology's unique technology to market as a commercial product.

Since being a subsidiary of Codebase Ventures, Arcology has consistently delivered new technology that supports Mr. Zhang's vision of an enterprise blockchain that stores data faster - and more cheaply - than the industry leaders. Under his leadership, Arcology's technical team has developed a strategic product roadmap that will see public testing begin in the coming months.

These results are an important milestone for Arcology, said Laurent Zhang. We need more than just white papers and slideshows for an industry-standard blockchain platform to gain acceptance. We have to come up with results in the real world. And that's exactly what Arcology has delivered with these latest reviews.

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