What does Nyc mean in chat

^^: What do the characters in the chat mean? (Double roof)

There are numerous abbreviations and symbols in forums, chats, etc. on the Internet, the meaning of which is unclear at first glance. In non-verbal communication on the Internet, e.g. B. in chat or WhatsApp you have to resort to other means to express your emotions. A sign that can often be seen in expressions in chat is the double roof emoticon. But what does the double superscript, "^^" actually mean?

The superscript symbol "^" is known as a circumflex. While the character is usually found above a vowel (e.g. â or ê) in the written and printed language, the symbol is usually written twice in a row online. In the written language, the circumflex is used to give a letter a special pronunciation and emphasis.

^^: What do the characters in the chat mean? (Double roof)

In the chat or forum, the roof is not used to express an emphasis. Rather, "^^" is an emotional expression in emoji form.
  • The two pointed roofs are to be understood as two eyes.
  • The smiley is mainly based on images from the Asian region.
  • In Asia, laughing is considered improper, and people often hold their hands over their mouths while laughing
  • At the same time, the eyebrows are drawn up.
  • This behavior can also be found in numerous anime films or manga books.
  • So do you find the symbols in an Internet text, e.g. For example, in a chat message, there is a happy meaning here.
  • ^^ means, for example, that the other person smiles or is happy about a message.

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The sense of smileys, which are composed of punctuation marks and accents, can be very cryptic at times. But there are also discrepancies with the emojis, which are actually very clear - or would you have known the original meaning for the following emojis?

^^: What do the characters in the chat mean? (Double roof)

The roof symbol can be found on the top left of every German keyboard. If you click on the symbol once, nothing happens. Rather, the computer expects a second character after the first tap on the roof symbol, e.g. B. an "a". This automatically pulls the roof onto the "a": "-". If you want to write the double pointed roof, hit the key twice in a row. If you just want to write a pointed roof, for example to refer to a post about you with an arrow, press "^" followed by the space bar on the keyboard.

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