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What happens when 3 sisters pray together for their future husbands

Three sisters who were about to get married entrusted their concerns to the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and two other saints. They found a good husband and all three married in the same year, within a period of three months.

Kelly, Rachel, and Juliette Fogarty were born into a large family. As they got older, the three of them and their sister Brigette moved into an apartment bought by their parents, Dan and Kathleen, in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

After Brigette's wedding, the three continued to live together.

Rachel reported that National Catholic Registerthat they were in the habit of praying the rosary for their future husbands and asking for the intercession of Saint Anthony of Padua and Saint Anne.

"That was a good time. We all wanted to find a husband and it would have been difficult if one had found him before the others. But we knew we would have continued praying for each other no matter what."

The sisters' prayers did not go unanswered. In 2016, all three got engaged within five weeks.

The first was Rachel. Her future husband, Brent Bennett, was a friend of her brothers.

The families had met years earlier in the parish they all went to.

When Rachel was 27 years old, she began to frequent the same circle of friends as Brent. They dated for two years and got engaged on October 2, 2016.
Kelly got engaged to Chris Whelan six days later.

The two were over CatholicMatch.com met a website for Catholic singles in the USA.

After exchanging information on the Internet for a while, they decided to meet in Ohio. That was the geographic center between the two, since he lived in the state of Kentucky and she in Indiana.

They said they felt a real mutual attraction on the first date, and when they met again two weeks later, Kelly was sure that Chris would be her future husband.

Juliette, the last of the three sisters, got engaged on November 11th of the same year. She met Michael Jackson, an accountant from Washington, through her cousin Elizabeth and her husband. They had been friends with him since they were studying at Notre Dame University.

Without the two knowing it, the friends had arranged a meeting and invited them to visit them in the state of Virginia. Two months later, Elizabeth and her husband moved to Fort Wayne and Michael visited them again. This is how his relationship with Juliette began.

"My cousin Elizabeth had already done a 'pre-qualification'. I saw that he was kind, attentive and adventurous," said Juliette National Catholic Register.

Rachel and Brent first married on May 20, 2017 at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Fort Wayne.

Kelly and Chris were next. Since both are teachers, they set the wedding date for June 10, after school ended. They got married in the same cathedral.

Juliette and Michael's wedding took place on July 1st in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Notre Dame University.
Juliette recalled: "It was nice to experience the same joy and preparation together. We talked on the phone and sent each other messages to coordinate the wedding plans."

The mother of the three sisters, Kathleen, commented that she was "overwhelmed by the sacramental aspect of every wedding. The girls prepared with a great deal of faith and love. They exuded the joy of knowing that each of them was part of God's plan for their future contributed. "

She also shared how moved she was to see the bride's friends and their five other children help with the wedding preparations.

"It is something that fills a mother's heart with love and the pride of a job well done," she explained.

Rachel and Brent currently live in a house in Fort Wayne. He works in a hospital and she works for an insurance company. "I like the daily routine of serving one another. My grandfather said marriage was not a 50/50 thing, it was a 100/100 thing," she said.

Kelly and Chris live in the town of Ashland, Kentucky, and their first daughter Anna Therese was born in April this year.

"Marriage is better than I expected. It's nice to share these everyday things with someone you love and who wants to go to heaven with you," said Kelly.

Juliette and Michael bought a house in the town of Springfield, Virginia, and have traveled to countries such as Australia, Italy and South Korea.

“My best friend is really fun to be with. I hope one of the fruits of our story will be to inspire people who want to get married to be patient and strong and for their future husband or wife pray ", said Juliette.

Translated and edited by María Ximena Rondón and Susanne Finner. Originally published inNational Catholic Register.

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