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How to tie a scarf on a coat

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The women's wardrobe is full of various accessories. One of the most important of these are scarves. First, they protect the neck in cold weather. Second, they complement the picture as a whole and give it "joie de vivre" and charm. It is important to learn how to handle something like this properly so as not to look messy and ridiculous.

How to tie a scarf in different ways

You can find out for yourself how to tie a scarf on the coat in an original / stylish way. Choose exactly the method that suits your style. The main thing is to experiment, combine, combine several methods or modify a particular one. However, for this it is necessary to learn some basic ones and then move on to more complex ones. The methods below will help you understand how to do this, what to combine, which options are most relevant or never go out of style. Learn the different ways to tie a scarf to your coat ..

On a coat without a collar

To protect your neck from the wind in cold weather, it is better to use warmer options. How to stylishly tie a winter scarf? Use different ways:

"Snud" tableware

Snood - knitted round scarf with a pipe. But every other long, tight can come tied like this:

  1. Throw up the nape of the back and lay the ends evenly in front of you.
  2. Tie the ends in two knots, twist the sides in the opposite direction and make a loop.
  3. Go through the head and hide the knots underneath. Lay out the curtains beautifully.
  4. Complete your look with high heeled shoes and straight pants. The accessory is preferable to choose a solid color.

"Spit with loose ends"

  1. Wrap your neck so that the hanging loop and ends stay in front.
  2. Twist the loop one turn and insert a tip.
  3. Run the second into the loop below.
  4. Tighten the knot under the neck and place it tightly around the neck or a little looser. Both options look good.
  5. This method looks particularly beneficial in combination with a black boa against a light coat.

With a collar

If you are the owner of a coat with an upside-down collar or a small stand, you are in luck, because in this case both thin, short scarves and fringed stoles are suitable. They can be tied when the collar is open or when the gate is activated and closed. The color can be varied absolutely. The main thing is that it matches the wallet or shoes to the tone and completes the whole picture. How to tie a scarf around your neck in several ways:


  1. Fold the scarf in half to form a triangle.
  2. Tie your neck so that the angle is in the center front and the ends stay from the back.
  3. Cross the ends behind the neck and push them back.
  4. Tie a nice knot over the scarf.

Use the method described for raincoats with an open collar. Use pastel shades for a romantic, elegant look. How else to tie a scarf with a collar to a coat:

Simple tie

  1. Bend the boa in half.
  2. Throw it from the back of your neck so that the loop is in one hand and the ends in the other.
  3. Thread the ends into the loop and tighten the knot at the desired level.
  4. For this procedure it is desirable to use bulky thick scarves. If you have a thin, slim accessory, you can just wrap it around it. However, the collar should be undone and a V-neckline underneath.

On a coat or jacket with a hood

Hooded jackets are often confused by many fashionistas when it comes to tying a stole. How do you beautifully tie a large scarf? There is no need to take into account the hood itself, it cannot be tied at the neck. It is correct to use a long scarf made of large rope and wrap it in a spiral spiral neck, starting from the back of the head from one end to the other.

How to tie a scarf with a hood to a coat Using one of the methods above, put the hood on. In this form, the image will be more elegant, you will not look childish. When choosing the scarf, trust your mood or the weather. Both warm and light types of these accessories are suitable here. If the clothes are calm and monochrome, a light print goes well with it.

How to tie a stole on a coat

Palatine has been the most relevant accessory for outerwear for more than a year. They are very pleasant, colorful, look worthy in any folded form and, in combination with ankle boots, give their owner a spectacular, stylish look. How to tie a coat:

Method 1:

  1. Throw the stole over your neck and spread the ends to full width on the shelf.
  2. Tie your waist with a scarf strap.

Method 2:

  1. Place the center of the muffler in front of the shelf and cross the ends at the back.
  2. Scroll forward in a loop every half “snake”.

Method 3:

  1. Braid one half of the stole, wrap it in a ring, and thread it through several times.
  2. Spread the front of the stole so that the pigtail is on one side and the free edge of the stole is on the other.
  3. Thread the free half into one of the nests of the braids.

Method 4:

  1. Fold the roof of the mouth to its full width, cover it with your shoulders and place the ends symmetrically in length.
  2. Throw the larger one over the short one behind your back.