Skyrim, what does magicka damage enchantment

Jewelry (Skyrim)

Surname Weight value enchantment Ahzidal's Ring of the ArcaneDB0.251435When worn, the spells Ignite and Frost can be cast. Ahzidal's Ring of NecromancyDB0.251110When a creature that has been reanimated takes damage, it explodes for 50 points of frost damage and dies. Asgeir's wedding ring0.25100- Balwen's ornate ring0.250- Calcelmo's ring0.2520- The sacred covenant of marriage0.25496Restoration spells cost 10% less magicka. Wedding ring0.50- Fjola's wedding ring0.25150- Ilas-Teis ring0.2540- Katarina's decorated ring0.250- Goshawk ringDG0.2575- Madesis silver ring0.2510- Muiri's ring0.25100The effectiveness of brewed potions is increased by 15%. Namira's ring0.25870Endurance is increased by 50 points. Feeding corpses increases health and health regeneration. Neloth's Ring of SearchDB0.25100Can locate the source of the Ashbrood attacks on Tel Mithryn. Pithis decorated ring0.250- Ring of the beastDG0.251927When worn, health increases by 100 points. Claws do 20% additional damage. Ring of the huntDB0.253500In beast form, health regenerates. Ring of pure mixtures0.25337The effectiveness of brewed potions is improved by 12%. Ring of bloodlustDB0.251500In beast form, your attacks do 50 percent more damage, but at the same time you take 50 percent more damage. Scholar's RingDG0.251803When worn, magicka increases by 100 points. Magicka regenerates faster. Ring of instinctDB0.253000In beast form, time slows down for 20 seconds. Ring of the moonDB0.252250Increases the duration of Howl by 25%. Night weaver ring0.251131Sneak is improved by 10%. Destruction spells cost 10% less magicka. Ring from Hircine0.25400Allows multiple transformations to werewolf. Silver blood family ring0.25300Weapons and armor can be improved by 15%. Treoy's ornate ring0.250- Enchanted ring0.25207Health increases by 20 points. Viola's gold ring0.2575-