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Anahata (Sanskrit: अनाहत an-āhata adj. u. n.) not struck (ahata), not struck (sound); not washed, unwashed, new (fabric); not multiplied; the Anahata Chakra.

Anahata is a compound type called Nansamasa (Samasa) in Sanskrit, which is characterized by the Alpha privativum called prefixat- expresses a negation or negation.

Anahata in yoga

This term refers to the heart. For example, there is the Anahata Chakra. Above all, Anahata Nada is an unstruck sound, an inner sound. That is, assuming it is very calm and you concentrate inward, you hear an inner sound. A sound, a sound that is not generated externally. So, you didn't clap there, there are no cymbals, there is no one to speak, but there is still a sound. This inner sound is considered anahata, that is, it is unstruck, it comes. These inner Anahata sounds are also opportunities for concentration. You can meditate well with Anahata sounds.

In Hatha Yoga Pradipika, the concentration on these inner sounds is very much praised. In the fourth chapter in particular, the author, the Swatmarama, goes into this very much. Anahata is also considered the innermost chakra, ultimately the chakra of pure love. The love that doesn't need anything to be conditioned. It is therefore an unbeaten love. On the one hand, it can never be struck in the external sense, nor does it need gifts, it does not need any kindness, it does not need to be done for it. Anahata Chakra, the inner chakra. So anahata means not battered, of course, inside, completely inside. Ultimately, Antar means inside and so Anahata also has something to do with Antar, if not in the literal sense. It is called the natural innermost love that does not need anything outside. And it is also the anahata sound, the inner sound, the sound of the soul.

Different spellings for Anahata

Sanskrit words are written in Devanagari in India. In order for Europeans to be able to read this, Devanagari is transcribed into Roman script. There are different conventions on how Devanagari can be transcribed into Roman script. Anahata in Devanagari is written "अनाहत", in IAST scientific transcription with diacritical marks "anāhata", in Harvard-Kyoto transcription "anAhata", in Velthuis transcription "anaahata" , in modern Internet Itrans transcription "anAhata".

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German not queue; unwashed, new. Sanskrit Anahata
Sanskrit Anahata German not queue; unwashed, new.