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Tragic Death: These actors died while filming

The number of actors who have died while filming a movie is staggering. The deaths that resulted from accidents directly on the set are particularly tragic. So when the actors are fatally injured in front of the camera.

But there are also cases in which a star has died of a serious illness or even an overdose before a film could even be completed. One of the most recent cases is Paul Walker: The 'Fast and Furious' star died in a car accident before he could complete the seventh part of the film series. His two brothers jumped in to complete the filming.

We'll tell you below which actors died while they were making a film. Starting with action star Bruce Lee and the alleged "curse" that sticks on his family.

Bruce Lee and his tragic family "curse"

Bruce Lee died while filming The Death Claw Man. The actually very healthy and just 32 year old actor simply collapsed during the shoot. He was later diagnosed with cerebral edema and the doctors sent him home with medication. Shortly thereafter, Lee fell into a coma from which he never awoke.