How to make tile coasters

Coasters made of tiles with decoupage

Here's another nice idea from Etsy. This time you can easily make chic glass coasters. All you need is tiles from the hardware store, napkins and porcelain glue. This craftsmanship is called decoupage.

Serviette technique or decoupage is the name given to the art of handicraft, in which objects are embellished with colorful napkin pictures. All you need is a few tiles, which you can buy cheaply in any hardware store.

Material:Napkins with the motif of your choice (these come from Marimekko), tiles, felt, porcelain glue, all-purpose glue, brushes and scissors.

First, separate the top of the three napkin layers. Then coat the tile thinly with the porcelain glue and carefully press the motif onto it. When the layer is dry, put another one on top of the napkin. The best way to do this is to apply the glue with a soft brush from the inside out, so that no air bubbles develop. You let the whole thing dry and then bake it in the oven at 130 degrees for 90 minutes. This will make it dishwasher safe.

Then you can cut the felt to size and glue it under the tiles as a “finishing touch”. Incidentally, the felt is available in many different colors, e.g. from Modulor.

This nice idea and guide comes from Etsy. DIY workshops are held regularly in the Etsy Labs.

Photos: © Kristina Pinkert