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Pathologist confirms: Most corona deaths really die from this

Died of or with Corona? A German scientist has now found an answer to this. The wording has often caused discussions so far ...

© picture alliance / dpa Christoph Röcken (l) and assistant doctor Theresa Pflaum stand in a new laboratory room at the institute and show the typical changes caused by Corona on the cross-section of the lung of a person who died of Covid-19.
  • Most corona deaths actually die from the virus - not with
  • nationwide initiative at university hospitals
  • so far more than 60,000 corona deaths

The majority of the people autopsied by Kiel pathologists who were infected with corona before their death actually died of Covid-19.

"In 85 percent of the cases we were really able to confirm that they died of Covid-19," said the director of the Institute for Pathology at the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH), Christoph Röcken.

Pathologists autopsy corona deaths

So far, more than 50 people between the ages of 53 and over 90 who were infected with Sars-CoV-2 before their death have been autopsied in Kiel. Only a small part died with instead of Covid-19, said Röcken.

© picture alliance / dpa Pathologist Christoph Röcken examines corona deaths for the cause of death.

In addition to their other tasks, Röcken and his team are currently autopsying two people who have died of or with Covid-19 every day. Their goal: to collect knowledge about a pathogen and a disease that are currently raging all over the world.

The results are systematically collated by 34 university hospitals as part of a nationwide initiative. The data from all over Germany is collected and evaluated in an autopsy registry and tissue samples from those who have died of Covid-19 are stored.

So far, more than 60,000 corona deaths in Germany

Nationwide data from the autopsy registry are not yet available. But he hears from other pathologists nationwide that they come to similar results, said Röcken.

The Robert Koch Institute has so far recorded more than 60,000 corona deaths. The statistics include people who died directly from the disease, as well as those with previous illnesses for whom it cannot be conclusively proven what the cause of death was. (dpa)