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Animal Crossing New Horizons: Get Cutting Board

Where do you get that from Cutting board in Animal Crossing New Horizons? Where can you get the Buy crafting instructions for the cutting boardin order to be able to manufacture it on a workbench? Sooner or later the question of one or the other player looking at an object like one at the workbench will look similarManufacture an iron-wood sink cabinet would like to. In addition to an iron-wood chest of drawers, wood and iron ore, you also need a cutting board for the sink. The only question is, how can you make the cutting board?

Getting a cutting board in Animal Crossing New Horizons

To get the instructions for the cutting board and to be able to make it on a workbench, you have to hope for luck. According to previous information, the instructions can only be obtained from the flying gifts, about the Message in a bottle on the beach and with a little luck also as Gift from a neighbor or from one NPC at the workbench.

As mentioned, the cutting board can be used to make the so-called iron-wood sink cabinet if you have the following materials together. You can get the instructions for the sink cabinet from Nook's shop under the item “Are you the craft boss?”.

  • 4x normal wood
  • 3x iron ore
  • 1x iron-wood chest of drawers
  • 1x cutting board

Is there any way I can buy the cutting board in Animal Crossing New Horizons? If so, we look forward to a brief note in the comment area below this article.

Update: On the website, some sell the cutting board for Sternis or exchange it for other items. So if you can't find the handicraft instructions, you can get it from another player.