What does it mean to stand up to the test

The Church of Almighty God

Holding up God's words and being able to boldly explain them doesn't mean one has reality - things are not as simple as you imagine. Whether you have reality or not is not based on what you say, rather it is based on what you act out. Only when God's words become your life and your natural expression can you be said to have reality, and only then can you be considered one of true understanding and true spiritual greatness. You must be able to withstand scrutiny over a long period of time, and you must be able to live out the image that God asks of you; it must not be mere fuss, it must flow naturally from you. Only then will you truly have reality, and only then will you have attained life. Let Me use the example of the trial of the servants that everyone is familiar with. Anyone can talk about the most exalted theories about the servants, and everyone has a solid understanding of the subject; everyone talks about it, and each speech surpasses the previous one as if it were a competition. However, if a person has not yet passed a great test, it is very bad to say that he is good testimony. In short, man's acting out is still very poor, and it is in complete opposition to his understanding. Therefore it has yet to become the actual spiritual greatness of man, and it is not yet man's life. Because man's understanding has not been brought into reality, his spiritual greatness is still built like a castle on sand, wavering and on the verge of collapse. Man has too little of reality - it is almost impossible to find any reality in man. There is too little reality naturally flowing out of man, and all reality in his life has been forced, which is why I say that man has no reality. Although people claim that their love for God never changes, it's just what they say before facing trials. If one day they are suddenly faced with trials, the things they are talking about will again be inconsistent with reality, and this will prove again that man has no reality. Whenever you come across things that are inconsistent with your ideas and that require you to stand back, these are your tests, so to speak. Before God's will is revealed, everyone undergoes a rigorous test and an immense test - can you understand that? When God wants to test people, He lets them choose before the real truth is revealed. That is, God will never tell you the truth when He subjects people to trials - that is how people are exposed. This is one way that God is doing His work to see if you understand the God of today and to see if you have any reality. Are you really free from doubts about God's work? Will you really be able to hold your own when a great trial comes upon you? Who dares to say, "I guarantee there will be no problems"? Who dares to say: “Others may have doubts, but I never”? This is just like the days when Peter was undergoing trials - he always made great speeches before the truth was revealed. This is not a personal weakness that affects only Peter; that is the greatest difficulty that every human being now faces. If I were to visit several places or several brothers and sisters to see your understanding of God's work today, you could certainly talk a lot about your knowledge and it would appear that you have no doubts. If I asked you, “Can you really find that today's work is being done by God Himself? Without any doubt? ”Would you certainly answer:“ Without any doubt, it is the work that is done by the Spirit of God. ”If you answered like this, you would certainly not have the slightest doubt, and would even be quite satisfied and think , you would have achieved a little reality. Anyone who tends to understand things this way is someone who is less real; the more you think you have achieved it, the less you will be able to stand up to trials. Woe to those who are arrogant and conceited, and woe to those who have no self-knowledge - such people are eloquent, but by far the worst at putting their words into action. At the slightest sign of trouble, these people begin to doubt and the thought of giving up creeps in on them. They have no reality whatsoever; all they have are theories above religion and they have none of the reality that God now demands. Most disgusting me are those who only speak of theories without having any reality. They shout loudest when they are doing their job, but fail when confronted with reality. Doesn't that show that these people have no reality? No matter how fierce the wind and waves are, if you can stand still without letting the slightest doubt cross your mind and stand without denial, even when there is no other left, then you will to be regarded as one who has true understanding and is truly in possession of reality. If you go with the flow - if you follow the majority and just learn to parrot what others say - however eloquent you may be, that is no evidence that you have reality. Therefore I recommend you not to rush out empty words. Do you know what god will do? Do not act like a second Peter lest you bring shame on yourself and stand with your head held high - that is of no use to anyone. Most people have no real spiritual greatness. God has worked a lot, but He has not let any reality come over people; to be more precise, He never personally chastised anyone. Some people have been exposed through such trials, holding out their sinful hands ever wider, thinking that it is easy to rip God off and that they can do whatever they want. Unable to even stand this type of test, the more difficult tests are out of the question for them, and neither is having reality. Aren't they just trying to fool God? Possessing reality cannot be faked, nor can you attain reality by knowing it. It depends on your actual spiritual greatness and on whether you are able to withstand all tests. Do you understand?

from "The Word Appears in the Flesh"

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