Supertuxkart multiplayer how to be easy


Fun racer with parallels to Mario Kart

The game

Supertuxkart is a free racing kart game that has many parallels to Mario Kart. With the various mascots around Linux and other open source projects you race for space and time. But there are also game modes that are new (e.g. Follow the leader in the current version, in which you are allowed to follow a leader but not overtake him).

In version 0.8, the original game has been greatly expanded. There are significantly more karts and tracks to choose from. In addition, addons from the community can be installed, these either consist of modified karts and tracks, or arenas in which you can fight duels in split-screen mode.

The rendering was completely converted to the errlich engine, which led to a significant improvement in the graphics. The new routes are lovingly designed and have several soundtracks based on the theme of the route.

A story mode has been implemented for single player. Here you have to free the "Gnu leader" by mastering several challenges. You can choose the individual tasks yourself on a navigable map.

The installation

There are download and installation instructions for a wide variety of distributions on the game's download page. Sometimes to be listed

  • Arch Linux
  • Debian
  • Mandriva
  • openSUSE
  • Ubuntu
  • Gentoo
  • Fedora (and other RPM-based distros)

First of all, there is a pre-linked Linux-all package in various variations. In addition, of course, the source code to compile yourself. Snaps are also offered.


A multiplayer mode that is already very playable has existed since beta 0.1. Integrated services such as a server lobby are already available. There were no major abnormalities at one of our Holarse game evenings.