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WhatsApp jokes: joke sayings for April 1st

The first of April does not leave WhatsApp without a trace. We have 30 cool WhatsApp jokes and jokes for your status.

If you want to poke your friends and acquaintances with a funny saying on April 1st, you should take a look at our photo gallery with the 30 funniest WhatsApp sayings for April 1st. With the WhatsApp jokes and jokes you can target your friends and make them laugh in between. In addition, we present you the best and nastiest technology pranks in our practical tip. Have fun!

WhatsApp jokes: The best joke sayings for April 1st

We have collected a colorful mix of funny sayings for you. We have all sorts of different WhatsApp jokes with us, from funny joke questions to nasty nasties that are not meant very seriously to one or the other wisdom. You can adopt this one-to-one for your status - of course even after the first of April. If you don't have WhatsApp yet, we offer you the right downloads here.

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WhatsApp jokes: change status

The WhatsApp jokes can easily be set as a status. To do this, simply select the "Status" menu item and then tap the pencil symbol at the top right of the screen. The desired slogan can then be typed in using the mobile phone keypad. The status message can optionally be provided with smileys. This is useful, among other things, in order not to let ironic messages appear misleading. If you no longer like your status saying at a later point in time, you can change it again in the same way. WhatsApp saves past status messages as a template under "Select new status". You can find 30 cool WhatsApp jokes in our photo gallery.

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