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Mario games

Play classic page scrolling action or jump, run, swim and even fly in a variety of challenges in Mario World. There are many different genres, from classic formats to races to puzzles. All mario games feature at least one character from the classic video game series, but most games have even more. In these adventures, play alongside a buddy of the famous video game character, such as Luigi, Yoshi or even Princess Peach. If you are looking for an extra challenge, there are many games you can play against Bowser and many other fearsome enemies!

Easy-to-learn controls and a quick learning curve are integral parts of all mario games. In most cases, you will only control it with the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can have your character run, jump, and drive through a variety of game environments simply by using these four buttons. In other Mario challenges, you can use the mouse for complete control, then move and click across the screen to do stunts. In addition to typical N64-based fun, many games offer alternative action, such as playing golf or riding a dirt bike. In themed golf games, you can shoot the golf ball through pipes and over obstacles like mushrooms. In thematic dirt bike games you drive through the surroundings of the Nintendo 64 world and do tricks.