When is the announcement of the opening of the ndofaya shopping center


In Ruppichteroth, a private person is promoting a new corona test center. In fact, it's just a container on a car dealer's place. There are different statements about when and whether it will open at all. Photo: The corona test center is to be built in the gray container in Ruppichteroth. [Nicolas Ottersbach]

The big poster has been hanging on Brölstrasse in the main town of Ruppichteroth for a few days: You can book an appointment for the “Corona test center” in Ruppichteroth via a mobile phone number or website, it is also possible to come by directly. The address is also already stored on Google. If you call the mobile phone number, "Corona-Testzentrum" appears in the display. However, nobody can be reached there. And the website also raises more questions than it answers them. Instead of being able to take a test in Ruppichteroth, it says that you have to go to a test center in Cologne. The prices are around 40 euros for a quick test and around 100 euros for a PCR test.

Test center should not open at first

This also drew the attention of the Ruppichteroth community. "Politicians and citizens had spoken to me about it," says Mayor Mario Loskill. The administration then contacted the operators. According to Loskill, they announced in the middle of the week that they would remove posters by the weekend and discontinue the offer due to various problems.

But nothing more can be heard of this in a phone call with one of the operators. Danny Lauer from Cologne wants to continue to implement the test center - in the small gray container that stands on the place of a car dealer where you have rented. “We plan to start early next week,” he says. The concept behind it has already proven itself in Cologne. Lauer is usually the owner of a tattoo parlor in Nippes. When it had to close in lockdown, he converted it into a test center.

Lauer also comments on how he came to Ruppichteroth as a location. “We drove around and we liked this spot near the mall,” he says. There are several reasons why it has not yet started. On the one hand, the retired doctor who was supposed to take care of the project and who is necessary for it, was no longer available. "We have now found someone else," says Lauer. This new doctor is currently being clarified who is settling what and how much with whom. "That also depends on the country's new regulation, which is due to appear on February 23rd."

Missing documents submitted later

On the other hand, documents were missing that would now be submitted to the municipality of Ruppichteroth. According to information from broeltal.de, this should include a business registration. In principle, anyone can open a private test center, as the Cologne entrepreneurs plan, as long as they comply with the guidelines. In addition to medical requirements such as a responsible doctor, this also includes a trade license - and this is issued by the respective municipality.

According to Lauer, the announcement by the Ministry of Health that it would make free rapid tests available from March 1 was also a reason for the delay in the opening because it should have been checked. But he is confident that the business model will still work. “Doctors' offices will not be able to carry out that many rapid tests. You will find an alternative with us. ”The fact that it says on the website that you have to go to Cologne for the test is a mistake that is still being corrected. "We will offer the tests in Ruppichteroth."

Ruppichterother family doctors also test it

What many do not know: The three Ruppichterother family doctors Thomas Zelder, Herbert Broich and Martina Berger have also been offering rapid and PCR tests for some time. “The cuts are made in our practices,” explains Zelder. Whether the test is free of charge or has to be paid for by the patient is regulated in the test ordinance of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, which, however, is sometimes changed several times within a few days. "So far, however, it has always remained the same that someone is tested free of charge if they show symptoms of a cold," says Zelder. Depending on which test is available, the costs for the test and the medical work vary between 30 and 40 euros for the rapid test and 60 and 90 euros for the PCR-Test.de