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Presumably everyone has been in a similar situation before. Suddenly your own boat shakes so violently in the safe everyday harbor that you hardly know in which direction to look without seeing waves that are meters high. But what about the dogs in this situation? Today's article is about a very personal side of my life, change.

In my opinion, it is actually part of life that we change, everyday life, living conditions, goals and desires. Everything is just many, small parts that at the end of the day become a whole. Things that shape us and our lives. There are few constants. In the life of a dog owner, it is clearly the four-legged friends. Of course they also change, they adapt to us, they get sick, old and at some point they leave us again. But what if you feel so jerky yourself that you lose your senses for a moment? The responsibility for the animals remains, that much is clear, but how can I ensure that my dogs always function as they need to? I can tell you from my own experience that it is not possible. I myself have just had a very turbulent time, I'm still in the middle of it in certain parts and my dogs are the ones who suffer. Not that they're going to be bad, no. But they are used to significantly more adequate utilization. As regularly as possible, you will get what you like best from me. Training, tricks, trips, visits. In short, just variety. For a few months now, however, I've been so busy with myself and my life that my care for my dog-girls has suffered greatly as a result. A completely new responsibility has emerged in my professional life, which I pursue very conscientiously and with great passion. That is why it happens almost every day that our secretary goes out with the dogs. Yeah, she's going out with them. She loosens the lines behind the flood wall and walks for half an hour several times a day. The girls can do what they want, rush through the bushes, slit their paws, abuse other dogs, everything that is not allowed with me. The consequence that I now have to bear from it? None, even if it's actually that much. Cassy, ​​however, is an absolute reliable dog. She would always do anything for me, she bravely holds out her paw to me and even when I feel bad, she doesn't leave my side and always gives me the feeling that she is there for me. That may sound cheesy, maybe it is, but it gives me a lot, especially in weak moments. Leyla, on the other hand, still has the youthful mischief on her neck. She is so busy with herself, her environment and her madness that she hardly notices if I can't be there for her as she really needs to be. That's why I notice more clearly with her that I'm careless. Tricks that we practiced a few months ago and that worked particularly well suddenly no longer work at all. She looks at me with her split eyes and doesn't know what I want from her. That moment led me to write this article earlier. Almost in the same second as she looked at me questioningly, my guilty conscience overcame me. The doubts whether I have not taken over myself with two dogs. How I can organize myself so that the dogs have a larger space again. Of course, they are always there, but when your head is full of worry, there is simply no room for "Give’ paw! "Or“ Male! ”, Even if this trickery would probably be a wonderful distraction. I had to admit this weakness to myself. Today. On the beach on our last day of vacation. Yes, my dogs have been pure co-drivers in my life in the last few months and yes, I want to change something about that. However, I also know that they never hold it against me. Never. You love me unconditionally. Is that what your relationship with your dogs is all about? Unconditional? They get through the worst times with you and in the evening they sit next to you, inhale their supper contentedly and then lie gently snoring in their dog bed. There is really no such thing as a clearer sign for: "Let all five be straight, mistress!" So my dogs taught me one more thing. They are always there, they are not resentful and they take everything quietly. They do it because they love me. They are fine as long as they can be around us, as long as they can feel our closeness, as long as they have their food. Everything else is probably as much luxury for them as it is for us. Today, at a time when time is the most precious thing we have.

Thanks to my very dearest dog children for being able to take me as I am, you are amazing!

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I'm Carina, 28 years old and come from Hamburg. Dog lover through and through. Proud dog mom of two Miniature Australian Shepherd girls, who will be the main focus of this blog.

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