Freedom 503 glass pipes wholesale

Simple and beautifully decorated weed pipes, one-hitters, chillums, oil pipes, hand vaporizers and kawumms made of glass in different sizes, colors and shapes.

Glass pipes - pure taste

Pipes made of glass have a decisive advantage over other pipes: In contrast to wood, clay or acrylic, glass does not give off any aftertaste that changes the pure smoke taste and thus ensures an absolutely "pure" smoking experience. This is especially true if you regularly give it the appropriate care, because it is very easy to clean. Freshly cleaned and in good shape, for many connoisseurs it is one of the most fascinating smoking experiences of all. In order to prevent excessive and too rapid soiling, it is recommended in any case to only operate the pipe with an appropriate sieve. In order to guarantee the taste neutrality here too, it should of course be a glass sieve that can be bought in a wide variety of colors.

Heat-safe pipes made of borosilicate

For maximum safety and comfort when smoking, almost all branded pipes are now made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass - but this safety is of course in no way at the expense of style and design. Glass pipes are available in different colors and color gradients, in all conceivable shapes and compositions: From the practical and inexpensive hand pipe to the handmade Sherlock or bubbler, everything is included. The variety in the selection is of course also interesting for collectors of smoking devices who are always on the lookout for the next extraordinary thing.

Colorful bubblers and spectacular spoons

We also have lots of colorful glass pipes with countless different color gradients. Each of these pipes made of so-called American glass is an absolutely unique piece and a real eye-catcher. They are often mouth-blown and bring life to the booth: American Pipes, Rainbow Color or Color Changing Pipes, Spoons, Bubblers and Sherlocks. No pipe looks like the other and every handmade variation has something very special. Perhaps a Spoon pipe or a bubbler differs from the other only in the details, perhaps through the color gradient, a particularly beautifully curved mouthpiece or a glass application, but anyone who owns one of these multi-colored handmade individual pieces would recognize them among thousands. But normal glass bongs with the Sherlock bubbler principle are also becoming increasingly popular and seamlessly bridge the gap between bong and pipe.