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One of the basic motives of optical car tuning is undisputed to individualize your vehicle so that it stands out from the “anonymous” mass of our road traffic and ideally even stands out as a sensational eye-catcher. The E92 M3 from Jakub Kuratow from Rybnik, a large city in southern Poland, is undoubtedly an extreme case in this respect: the V8 coupé stood out from the colorful and loud swarm of BMW tuning at last year's BMW Syndicate Asphalt Fever mega-meeting so we asked it for a photo shoot as part of it.

The 2009 M3 obviously owes its extroverted appearance to its mighty Maxton Design full carbon widebody, which contrasts darkly with the no less conspicuous sky blue body color. Particularly dominant: the oversized carbon fender flares at the front and rear, which increase the shoulder width of the M3 on the rear axle to 1.98 meters.

Motorsport style

On the bow, Jakubs Coupé has the combination of a carbon front attachment with a supported cup spoiler sword, which clearly cites motorsport. The same applies to the rear with its large-format carbon diffuser and the carbon wing on aluminum feet, which would also be a credit to a thoroughbred GT racing car. Fittingly: The carbon-coated tailpipes of the sports exhaust system, which acoustically - relative to the martial visual appearance of the M3 - is surprisingly discreet. There are also carbon bonnet vents at the front, as well as glossy black double bar ribs in the look of the current M models and tinted taillights at the rear.

Vossen three-part in 11 × 20 and 13 × 20 inches

Of course, the widebody fenders required adequate filling, as wheel / tire combinations of commercially available dimensions looked downright ridiculous in them. Jakub opted for Vossen VWS 3 rims: The three-piece set, made up of five-armed stars in silk-matt gray and step beds in shiny bronze, was created in cooperation with the Japanese wheel manufacturer WORK and measures 11 × 20 inches on the front and even a mighty 13 × 20 Inches on the rear axle. The exclusive multi-part vehicles were soled with Vredestein rollers of sizes 265 / 35ZR20 on the steering axle and 295 / 30ZR20 on the drive axle.
A Ridetech air suspension system ensures that the wheel / tire combinations are precisely immersed in the monstrous fenders at the push of a button.
There is also plenty of carbon under the bonnet: In addition to the cover of the 4.0-liter V8, its ARMA-Air Intake, which allows the naturally aspirated engine to breathe even more freely and its power to increase to around 430 hp, is also made of carbon fiber.

Clubsport bracket in yellow

The 38-year-old Pole also set colorful contrasts in the interior of his widebody coupé - not, however, as one might assume, in sky blue, but in bright yellow. This is how the Benson Pro Clubsport roll bar with cross and supports, which branches out behind the seats, shines. The rest of the M3 cockpit remained largely in the standard condition.

Technical facts

BMW E92 M3

Year of construction: 2009

Body: Maxton Design-Carbon-Widebody-Kit (front attachment, cup spoiler lip, fender flares front / rear, rear diffuser), carbon rear wing, carbon bonnet vents, double bar ribs gloss black, tinted taillights, full wrap in sky blue

Engine: 4.0 liter V8 engine (S65B40), ARMA carbon air intake, carbon engine cover, 430 hp

Power transmission: 7-speed DKG

Suspension: Ridetech air suspension

Wheels / tires: Vossen VWS 3 rims in 11 × 20 and 13 × 20 inches with stars in gray silk matt and step beds in bronze sheen, Vredestein tires in 265 / 35ZR20 and 295 / 30ZR20

Brakes: standard

Interior: Benson Pro Clubsport roll bar with cross in yellow