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Berlin-Mariendorf, Friday, March 29th: Traditionally, on Good Friday on the derby track in Berlin-Mariendorf, the prelims and the final of the Fritz Brandt race are on the program. In four 'Eliminations' the finalists are determined and Bogey Boko (Werner Schnieder) should be a sure candidate in the second race (2:36 p.m.) for the tenth place in the run-off.

The Dutchman not only took the lead with a push on the last side, but got longer with increasing distance, making some of his current competitors look old. Season debutant RC Gallent Image (Peter Platzer), the Advent Cup winner ZZ top (Jürgen C. Dieck) or the reliable court money collector Rajtantajtan Whiz (Werner Schnieder) are further contenders for the final.

The field is narrower in the next preliminary run in the 3rd race (3 p.m.), in the paper version S J’s Night (Thomas Maassen) should be the horse to be beaten, although the gelding, which is considered very difficult in Bavaria, competes in amateur hands for the first time. The mold part of doesn’t read that great Top photo (Christian Mayr), who last year was always there when there was money to be made. Samur Ass (Christian Pögel) was the victim of a too complex race three weeks ago while Fantastic BR (Christoph Pellander) found everything suitable and still not made decisive progress. Bagheera Boko (Jörg Hafer) can only be considered if there is no mistake.

Zidane Flevo (Andre Pögel) would have to make it to the front in the 4th race (3:24 p.m.) if he refrains from any uncertainty, as was the case last time in Karlshorst, where he fell off his feet in an attack. Otherwise, the powerful Esper protégé is only available Pretty ripped (Fred Handelaar) in the way, which failed twelve days ago due to a start error. The failure of the first two should be first Wakiza line (Murat Yüksel) who acts in top form.

Othello Jaycee (Hans-Jürgen von Holdt) is the defending champion of the Brandt race and, after the performances shown in December, also the favorite of the 5th race (3:48 p.m.). It is not easy to calculate Crown Store (Thomas Maassen), who can be far on a good day, but the seven-year-old got off his feet on his last two starts in the closing stages. El Rappido (Anke Börnig) knew how to please in Hamburg despite the defeat and can do how Picus G (Sarah Kube), the last behind the highly superior Bogey Boko when second couldn't run better, be far. Has enough class Orsola SAS (Gabriele Pohlmann), but in inexperienced hands she is one of the outsiders.

Tips for the races:
1st race: Let's Win - Dries Buitenzorg - Blueberry Santana
2nd race: Bogey Boko - RC Gallent Image - ZZ Top
3rd race: Sj`s Night - Top Photo - Samur Ass
4th race: Zidane Flevo - Pretty Ripped - Wakiza
5th race: Othello Jaycee - Crown Store - El Rappido
6th race: Gaius R.A. - Parisienne Blue - Perl`s Fortune
7th race: Achilles - Giggi - Ymond B
8th race: Saddlers Titan - Red Bull - Goetmal's Best
9th race: Indigo Guardian - Grand Ass - Apollon
10th race: F I N A L E
11th race: Arran Stardust - Gaia - Florus G
12th race: F I N A L E

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