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How to Make Vanilla Extract

Friday September 11th, 2020 at 03:19 AM

Dear Dario,
I took your comment as an opportunity to revise my post again and changed a few things.
There are two points that I want to clarify.
Point 1: Yes, vanilla sugar and vanilla extract are just as different products as sugar that has been added to coffee or coffee extract. But to claim that vanilla sugar is more natural than vanilla extract is simply wrong. As you write, homemade vanilla sugar actually has the advantage that no alcohol is added and is suitable for children and pregnant women. But the disadvantage is that it makes all pastries sweeter because you add more sugar. But, and now comes my big but, vanilla sugar, as it is sold in supermarkets, is simply not natural (the name suggests that vanillin is not just vanilla). If you use homemade vanilla sugar, that's different. But in my opinion, vanilla sugar bought in the supermarket is still not that great and definitely not natural. It makes a difference in taste if you use homemade vanilla extract instead. Because, and I would like to know that about you: have you tried it yourself? Have you ever made the same recipe with purchased vanilla sugar and then with homemade vanilla extract? Here I continue to claim that I - and this is of course my own opinion - tastes better with homemade vanilla extract and no, that's not Maggi, rather the other way round, with vanilla sugar it would be Maggi! Certainly there would be an increase if you scrape out a vanilla pod and add it to the batter, but if you look at the prices you will understand why I try to avoid that as much as possible.

My second point concerns a cultural difference. I know that vanilla sugar is used almost exclusively here in Germany. In the USA, on the other hand, almost exclusively vanilla extract. I am sure that many American bakers are completely unaware that vanilla extract contains alcohol and that for decades children and pregnant women have feasted on baked items that contain a small amount of alcohol. Almost all recipes use a teaspoon of vanilla extract on a whole cake. This is such a small amount that you can hardly taste the taste of alcohol or worry about it. Now one wonders why is vanilla extract so demonized here?