What are renal parapelvus cysts

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    Diagnosis of kidney failure ...

    Hello dear community,

    I've read a lot here, laughed and at times I was pretty sad ...

    Now I don't know what to do next, our Balu (Labrador hybrid 5 years old) has kidney failure ...

    The urea value is 58.94 and the creatinine value is 1096.2, although I don't know how high the values ​​are normal.

    Balu only lies the whole day and sleeps, every 4 hours he gets an infusion of Nacl solution, he is a little more active when we go for a walk with him, well he actually only runs after us at a snail's pace and does his business.

    What I think is good, he has not given up ... he drinks, occasionally he also eats (of course his kidney diet food, which I mix him with kidney diet wet food because he doesn't like it otherwise).

    The vet said on my last visit whether I really wanted to try the infusion again, I said yes as long as the dog drinks and eats, I will fight for his life ... but my ideas are slowly coming to an end ... What else can I do? I also think a dog's life has the right to be saved, no matter how, no matter what, the main thing is that there is still help. My Baloo is not tormented, as you can read in some reports, he even tries to play sticks, which works rather badly than right, because he is so limp .... Where does the "torment" start?

    Please help me..

    Love from


    Can someone help me, what else can I do? What else can I do?

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    Hello Mckoy,
    I'm sorry.

    I lost a bitch to kidney failure myself a few years ago.
    However, it was 11 1/2.

    Has your dog had an ultrasound done?
    What do the kidneys and renal pelvis look like?

    If I understand you correctly, he can still pee.
    How is that spec. Weight of urine?

    Those would be crucial things.

    Unfortunately, I have to tell you that the outlook for kidney problems in dogs is always bad. We can't put them on dialysis, that would certainly not be worth living for the dog and would be unaffordable for the owner.

    I'm really sorry for your dog.

    Can you tell me what you fed him before the kidney diet?


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    Hello mckoy,
    that's terrible for all of you. Even with my dog, I am in the middle of such a terrible situation, where you have to think about every day, sometimes every hour, and decide whether to keep the dog alive out of selfishness or whether it really still has a chance. So I can very, very well understand what you are going through and how you feel.

    In the case of kidney failure, I myself only know ... let's say ... medical help. If it is actually kidney failure, there is hardly a chance. BUT - I think the dogs let us know when they don't want to anymore. They then want their peace and quiet and no longer take part in our lives. You can wait that long in any case, but ask your vet when the dog is in pain, because he will always try to hide it as long as possible and not show any weaknesses. And you don't want to torture him either, nobody deserves that either.

    I hope for you and your dog that you make the right decision at the right time - share as much time with him as possible, he can feel your closeness and your love, maybe that will build him up a bit


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    Thank you for your help...


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    I'm sorry

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