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Adventure Lab - the new virtuals?

Surely some of you have had emails in your mailbox in the last few days: “You have been invited to participate”. But what were you actually invited to? It is a test program for a new type of geocache. The lab caches known from GIGA and MEGA events should now also be made available outside of such events.

In order to put the acceptance and the system through its paces, Groundspeak would like to give 250 cachers the opportunity to place such a lab cache. It will initially be made available to all cachers via a new app for a limited period. The “Adventure Lab” app is also already available in the app stores.

So far, at the GIGA and MEGA events, the solution to 10 questions had to be found for each lab on site. These solutions were then entered on the homepage. The weak point is obvious: anyone who has the solutions can log - regardless of whether they were there or not. This can now be counteracted with the new app, as the answers have to be entered into the app on site.

Who can apply for a new lab cache?

Everyone who has found at least one lab cache in the past, placed a cache in the last 3 years, logged at least one cache in the last 4 months and, as an owner, has collected at least 25 favorite points with his caches. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the Groundspeak email.

What can be placed?

Each selected person is allowed to set up an Adventure Lab with a maximum of 5 stations within 60 days.

How long will the test run?

The caches should remain in place for at least 6 months and will certainly continue to be used if successful.

What is special about Lab Caches?

Adventure Labs are virtual multi caches that can be designed in a variety of ways by the owner. In this way, a sequence can be specified, media can be integrated and entertaining multi caches can be placed without spacing problems. However, there is no physical box or logbook.

Can I also play Adventure Labs offline with my GPS?

Clearly no. An internet connection is always required and the app must be used to play. Logging takes place exclusively on site.

Our conclusion:

We were already very happy about the new edition of the Virtuals last year, which revived some inner cities and hotspots with caches, where physical cans simply have hardly any chance of survival. The Adventure Labs come in a similar guise. Thanks to the app support, completely different game variants are offered here and the hobbyists and programmers among us cachers have again received a new playground. We look forward to everything that comes next

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