What does holy Schnikes mean

Who or what is the Holy Spirit? Easily explained

After God the Father and God the Son (Jesus Christ), the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. Catholics and Orthodox refer to this when you make the sign of the cross. But the Trinity is also mentioned in some Christian prayers. It should be noted that Christianity, as a monotheistic religion, only knows one God. The Holy Spirit is therefore not a separate deity besides the Father and the Son in the sense of three gods.

  • The Holy Spirit represents the work of God on earth and appears in the Bible whenever God acts or a God works in a miracle. For example, he plays an important role in the birth of Jesus because Mary received Jesus from the Holy Spirit.
  • Even after the death of Jesus, the Holy Spirit continues to play an important role, because the frightened crowd of disciples became a rapidly expanding young church through the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. That is why Christians especially celebrate the Spirit of God on Pentecost, who, according to the biblical story, came down on the disciples.
  • On that day the disciples gathered and the Spirit gave them the ability to speak in different languages. Only in this way was it possible for them to spread the teachings of Jesus all over the world. This makes Pentecost one of the most important celebrations for Christians.