How to Save Nature in Hindi

How can I protect rainforests?

15 tips for everyday life

Every year an area of ​​rainforest larger than Portugal disappears, and every day up to 50 species are forever exterminated. The loss of this habitat also changes the world climate. With simple means you can help protect the rainforest.

Rainforests are home to more than half of all animal species worldwide. - Photo: NABU / Svane Bender-Kaphengst

Use paper wisely

One of the main reasons for the decline in forests is the extraction of wood for paper and pulp production. On average, it is estimated that every German consumes more than 200 kilograms of paper a year. Here's how you can limit your consumption:

1. Use recycled paper. Seals of quality like the Blue Angel help to recognize this.

2. Write on both sides of the paper and use the back of old copies as notes.

3. Do not print more than necessary. Nowadays a lot can be stored and sent digitally.

Shop ecologically

Around 80 percent of our crops originally come from the tropics, and there is still a lot of rainforest in our shopping baskets today. If you want to conserve resources and buy sustainably, you can pay attention to the following:


4. Choose regional products and make sure that rainforest products such as coffee, cocoa and tropical fruits are fair trade organic products.

5. Reduce your meat consumption. Farms often use feed soy for fattening, and large rainforest areas are cleared for cultivation.

6. Avoid products that contain palm oil, such as foods like margarine, and many cosmetics. In many places, huge areas of rainforest are being cleared for oil palm plantations. Since the end of 2014, manufacturers in the EU have had to label palm oil as an ingredient on their products by name.

Other products

7. When buying wood, look out for the FSC seal, which identifies sustainably produced wood.

8. Buy furniture made from local wood species. Much of this furniture is machined to have properties similar to those made from tropical wood.

9. Charcoal is often made from tropical wood. FSC or Naturland seals guarantee compliance with social and ecological criteria in the production of coal. Alternatively, there is also charcoal made from waste products, for example the company OlioBric produces briquettes from the residues of olive oil pressing.

Help us to save the rainforest!

About every two seconds, an area of ​​rainforest the size of a football field is cleared. NABU International is committed to the preservation of this precious habitat in its project areas in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Support us with your donation! Any amount - really everyone - is a help.

to the rainforest fund

More tips

There are many reasons for the deforestation of the rainforests, be it land reclamation for plantations and arable farming
Exploitation of mineral resources or the expansion of infrastructures. The possibilities with which one can protect the forest in everyday life are just as diverse:

10. Reduce your plastic and gasoline consumption in order to conserve oil deposits in rainforest areas. Even for the production of biofuel, the rainforest often has to give way to plantations.

11. Rare precious metals, which are essential for the manufacture of many technical products, usually only occur in tropical forests. Use your current cell phone as long as it works and thus protect the occurrence of rare earths in the tropics. By taking your cell phone to a NABU collection point, you can recycle it. More information at

12. Do not buy animal or plant products from endangered species while on vacation in tropical areas. More at

To become active

Nature and environmental protection are both politically and socially an issue. Only together can we protect the last remaining rainforests and thus preserve valuable habitats:

13. Make friends and colleagues aware of the issue of rainforest protection. Perhaps you can also convince others to pay more attention to resource conservation in their everyday lives.

14. Strengthen political lobbying on rainforest protection, for example by taking part in petitions.

15. Support NABU International in its rainforest projects through a sponsorship or a donation for the rainforest fund.

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