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DreamPlan video tutorials

Getting started with DreamPlan

This video covers all of the basics you will need to navigate DreamPlan, find the tools you need, and start designing your dream home. There are also helpful tips for 3D navigation (video in English).

Use the controls for the camera

This video shows how to use the camera controls to move around in the 3D view. You will learn how to use the controls on the screen, mouse, or keyboard (video in English).

Draw in walls and change floors

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw walls and finish a room. See how to draw wall segments and diagonal walls. Finally, you will learn how to change the floor (video in English).

Move a wall

This tutorial shows you how to move a wall that you have already drawn on your plan (video in English).

Add objects to your project

Here you will learn how to add an object to your project and change its size, rotation, colors and position. There are many additional items available for download in DreamPlan. Just click the "Add Content" button (video in English).

Paint walls and choose floors

In this video you can see how to add texture and color to walls. Pick colors, tiles, and more. You will learn how to choose tile or carpet for the floor and how to freehand draw in smaller areas in a room (video in English).

Add and edit stories and change the wall height

This tutorial explains how to add a new floor. It shows how you can edit an existing story by changing the wall height or the starting height. Use the templates or enter your own values ​​(video in English).

Add basement and foundations

You can see how to create a basement or foundation project in this video (video in English).

Design a terrace

Here you can find out how to draw a terrace with the appropriate tool. Various materials, railings, foundations and stairs are included in the design (video in English).

Create a path

In this video we show how to add a path to your project. Use paths to create a sidewalk, driveway, allotment garden, and more (video in English).

Create a curved path

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a curved path. Create simple, serpentine paths, then adjust the Style and and Color properties (video in English).

Import the floor plan and visualize it in 3D

This tutorial shows how to import an existing floor plan into DreamPlan. You can then more easily visualize it in 3D and choose colors, furniture and more (video in English).

Create labels

Here we show you how to add captions to your project. It also shows how to add room labels with an automatically calculated area specification (video in English).

Design an outdoor pool

This video explains how to design an outdoor pool (video in English).

Import 3D models Version 2.12

The DreamPan download includes 3D models. You can also add additional models using the “Add content” button. For a unique design, learn how to import 3D models (video in English).

Note: The tutorials on this page are for DreamPlan version 2.00 and higher. For tutorials on other NCH Software products, please see NCH Software's YouTube channel.

You can also visit our German YouTube channel.

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