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Ointment with propolis

Ointment with propolis

How to make propolis ointment at home.

Ointment with propolis, prepared with their own hands, in great demand in traditional medicine, even more so than official agents.

Therefore, the user can be sure, the quality of the drug is high enough.

Propolis ointment is very popular in the market because of this simple form that you can use without any problems.

View user comments, it is the most common form along with a form, called a tincture.

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Medicinal properties of propolis and contraindications

Propolis treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, musculoskeletal system, various organs and systems.

Propolisnoyu mazyu bought or homemade treat external problems: wounds, ulcers, skin diseases.

Often this infusion applies.

The drug from the pharmacy ointments and other easily tolerated by the body, no negative effect and is contraindicated, except under severe intolerance.

Of course, propolis is increasingly being used internally as a tincture, but equally popular and soft forms because they can easily buy drugs cheaply enough.

Or you can also make any oily base, as a dry matter, and from previously harvested tinctures.

How to make propolis ointment at home

Ointment, as a tincture, can easily be prepared at home if you strictly follow the instructions.

Home analog can be made in six versions depending on the recipe chosen.

Option number 1. Ointment with propolis and butter

Most bought inexpensive alternative - home likforma based soft butter.

The advantage - edibility of all components, what the use of the drug and internally.

Feedback, their least activity, as alcohol tinctures, the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, ulcers, abscesses, skin diseases.

the drug:

The mixture is heated on the stove, filtered through a cheesecloth and boil. Ready for use after the drug has cooled down.

It is recommended to take at least three times a day.

Option number 2. Base - olive oil

Olive oil propolis ointment is made on the same principle. Thanks to the effectiveness of the two components in drug in diseases of the respiratory system (three times a day for half a spoon) or externally.

It should be applied to damaged areas or places where infections are present, for example, in the nasal cavity for SARS.

Option number 3. Ointment with oil and egg yolk

Propolis active in cosmetics, especially to improve hair and skin.

For this purpose it is ointment with propolis eggs and oil. How to make ointment on this basis, follows.


  • 1 item. l. propolisnoho oil (namely oil, instead of tinctures);
  • Egg yolk;
  • 1 none. l. Lemon juice;
  • 1 item. l. Honey.

To prepare this ointment with propolis at home read: Add all substances to a mixture and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass.

Instructions for use: the resulting substance is rubbed into the hair, prewashed.

Then head cap with cellophane. Remove cream from your hair with warm water.

Option number 4. Vegetable oil-based ointment

Equally popular alternative kuplennoyi ointments and tinctures are soft likforma vegetable oil-based.

The only disadvantage of the drug is no possibility of its internal use, but this is offset by excellent properties when applied externally.

The drug is prepared in a water bath, heating the mixture in a porcelain bowl.

Maze has the following composition:

The drug is prepared in a water bath, heating the mixture in a porcelain bowl. After the formation of practically homogeneous mixture of different rain filtered.

Ready for use after the drug has cooled down. He put a bandage or directly on the affected area of ​​the body.

Option number 5. Ointment with sea buckthorn oil

Production of the drug has some differences, so you need to know how to make cream with sea buckthorn oil and propolis.

It is quite active drug with many useful properties, such as wound healing, moisturizing, that decontaminating, recycling.

First of all, once you prepare the recipe, the process doesn't take time and won't be difficult.


  • finely crushed propolis, which is a wax composition - 20 g;
  • Sea buckthorn oil - 100 g.

Basically, the drug is made in the usual way, just some features.

so, pour oil in a bowl where the previously crushed propolis.

Then the composition was heated in a water bath for 30-40 minutes, strain through a cheesecloth and apply.

The resulting product, after cooling, is applied directly to the wound or bandage to reduce pain.

Due to the special properties of sea buckthorn, propolis ointment follows hemorrhoids and other chronic inflammatory processes.

It has a soft combined effect with no side effects.

Option number 6. Ointment made from beeswax and propolis

Last recipe equally effective in composition and technology.

It requires the following components:

  • Propolis (can be in the form of tinctures, but better oil) - 120-140 g;
  • Wax - 25 g;
  • 1 chicken egg yolk.

The mixture is heated ingredients for 20-30 minutes in a water bath, avoiding boiling water. At the end it is filtered and cooled.

By wax preparation has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, therefore for the treatment of infectious skin diseases.

There are many other formulations of propolis as official, folk and in the form of ointments, nastoyanok, combination therapies and even tablets.

so, widely used homeopathic ointment propolis + lanolin + wax mixture with various additives.

But experience shows and reviews that the above recipes are the most effective and noteworthy.

In addition, they are easy to execute and demand at home.