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Adjust car headlights correctly


To properly adjust your car's headlights, you should first park it on a level surface so that the headlights are pointing at an empty wall. Unload any heavy objects from the car and make sure that all four tires have enough air to keep the car upright. Now drive as close to the wall as possible and turn on the headlights. Mark the spotlight on the wall with horizontal and vertical adhesive strips. Now reset your car so that it is about eight meters from the wall. Some vehicles need a larger, others a smaller distance. Just follow the information in your manual here. Now cover one of the two spotlights and see where the light beam from the other hits the wall. It should be on or below the horizontal and to the right of the vertical tape line. If this is not the case, align the light beam from your spotlight with the housing until it hits the right spot on the wall. Finally, repeat the process with the other spotlight. Be sure to follow the instructions in the owner's manual, as the requirements are different for every car. To find out how to tell if your car is parked, just read on!

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