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"Dear siblings of the Flensburg district,
Our District Elder Henry Püschel has reached the age limit for ministers in our church. His desire to be retired is understandable. He has served as a minister in our church for over 40 years.

As early as 1980 he received the sub-deacon office. Ordination into other offices followed. He has served as district elder for the Flensburg district since August 15, 2010. During his tenure, he was also the mayor of the communities Wyk / Föhr, St. Peter Ording and Husum. He always carried out his tasks with all his heart and loving, great devotion. We apostles also thank him for his great commitment, his hard work and the beautiful connection that we have been able to have with him for years and decades.

Now a new phase of life, the phase of retirement, should follow. We wish him and his dear wife Marita rich blessings for this.

The district of Flensburg is to receive a new district head. The head of the parishes of Husum and Sankt Peter-Ording, Priest Ronny Mäder, is intended for this purpose.

I intend to retire and commission the new district chairman in a church service on Sunday, June 13, 2021 in the municipality of Flensburg. *

At the moment our future district chairman is still working as community leader of the communities Husum and Sankt Peter-Ording. These communities are also to receive new supplies. It is planned that Priest Torben Albert will be commissioned as the parish leader for the parishes of Husum and Sankt Peter-Ording. I will also undertake this action in the aforementioned service.

It is my heartfelt wish that I wholeheartedly welcome the new responsible brothers in the district and in the community. Please continue to make this work easy for them.

I connect with you very warmly and greet you just as warmly,


Rüdiger Krause. "

* According to current plans, the divine service on June 13, 2021 in the church in Flensburg will be carried out by District Apostle Helge Mutschler on behalf of the District Apostle.

Priest Ronny Mäder was born in Borna near Leipzig and has served as head of the Husum parish since 2014 and of the Sankt Peter-Ording parish since 2019. He received his first official assignment in 1994 for the Borna community. There he served as a priest from 2006 before moving to North Friesland with his family in 2007. The 45-year-old chef and professional soldier is married, has three daughters and lives in Schwabstedt.

The church district of Flensburg has 11 parishes and over 2,800 members.