How much does a Clubcorp membership cost

That is how much playing golf really costs

The German Golf Association (DGV) has given its partner clubs the ambitious goal of increasing the number of golfers in Germany in the coming years from the current approx. 600,000 to over 3,000,000 golfers. It is clear to those involved (DGV, regional associations, clubs) that the change from elitist sport to popular sport is only possible with moderate entry prices.

This is what it costs you to start playing golf:

The golf training:

In order to pass the mandatory golf license test, you have to take at least a few hours with the club pro to learn the basics of the demanding golf swing. An hour at the Pro usually costs around 40 to 50 €. You need at least 10-12 hours. The costs here are therefore around 500 €. If you do your golf training in a group, you can often save money. Often there are offers for around 300 € for the same number of coaching hours.

The handicap test:

Club pros usually charge two hours of coaching for a course qualification test; so another 100 €.

The equipment & the clubs

You also need aRacket set. At the beginning, this consists of a bag, i.e. a bag that can be packed on a trolley. To start with, you need a small selection of clubs: a wood, a 5-iron and a 7-iron as well as a sand path, a pitching wedge and a putter. Here you are at a further 300 to 500 euros for a starter rate.

Golf membership:

In addition, in a golf club that is affiliated with the German Golf Association (DGV), you mustbe a memberto be able to play golf in Germany. You can then play golf for free as often as you like at your home club of which you are a member. At all other golf clubs you can play golf for a green fee (golf course usage fee).

Full membership in a DGV Club costs at least € 800 per calendar year, on average more than € 1,200. You can get into golf cheaper with a long-distance membership. Such a membership costs an average of € 200 per calendar year, but with a remote membership you can play at any golf club for a green fee.

Total golf costs in the entry year

In the beginner's year in golf you have to reckon with the following costs, provided that you start with a golf membership and play 15 times 18 holes:

Costs from the second year of the game

In the following years, if you play more (20 times 28 holes), your costs will total:


At € 1,800 in the entry year and around € 1,000, intensive golf is certainly more expensive than many other sports. But playing tennis or equestrian sport is also expensive. However, since many golfers remain loyal to the sport for a lifetime and into old age, the initial costs are, in our opinion, reasonable. We hope that many more golf enthusiasts will join this great sport in the coming years and that golf will continue to grow.