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Howard Carpendale: Annemarie Carpendale reveals: That's how he is as a grandpa

The hit news of the day in the GALA ticker: Annemarie Carpendale chats about the grandpa qualities of Howard Carpendale +++ Ross Antony shocked with a photo on Instagram +++ Andreas Gabalier posts a sweet fan photo.

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April 9, 2021

Howard Carpendale as grandpa - daughter-in-law Annemarie chats from the sewing box

Howard Carpendale, 75, is a proud grandfather and adores his grandson Mads, two, above all else. "He already has a very big meaning in my life. I hope that we can get back to where I can hug him," says the pop star wistfully since the beginning of the corona pandemic. Even the little man seems to miss his grandfather: The chair in the Carpendale house is always vacant when Mads has her way. "I have a chair at home where nobody else is allowed to sit but Howie," the pop singer revealed in an interview.

Daughter-in-law Annemarie Carpendale, 43, is also grateful for the close bond between her son and his grandparents. The corona pandemic is difficult for the whole family. "At the moment we only meet Howard and Donnice [Howard's wife Donnice Pierce] outside in our front yard. We sit there, chat a little and above all Mads tells his grandpa a lot. But of course that's not the same as usual, it's a stopgap solution ", she says in the GALA interview. "Of course grandpa would like to cuddle his little one and see them as often as possible. The funny thing is as soon as grandma and grandpa leave the house - or at the moment they are in the front yard - they already ask: 'When will we see you again? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?' For little Mads, his grandparents are the greatest!

Ross Antony shocked with a photo on Instagram

Ross Antony, 46, is a joker through and through. The lively cheerful nature is not at a loss for any joke. On his latest Instagram photos, his fans shouldn't feel like laughing at first. The singer is hardly recognizable!

The 46-year-old shared several photos in which he has apparently undergone a complete transformation. His facial features look clearly changed. The cheekbones are highlighted disproportionately, the lips look splashed. If you click one picture further, the whole thing becomes even clearer: Here Ross Antony looks into the camera with a duck-face.

"It was time for a little freshening up. New lips and cheeks, now I feel like 30! It turned out great, wasn't it?", The Schlager singer writes about his contribution. Has Ross Antony undergone cosmetic surgery?

Of course not! The community does not allow itself to be led on ice and comes to the conclusion that Ross simply used a filter for his snapshots here. This fun was successful!

April 8, 2021

Andrea Gabalier shows his princess

Numerous other fans would love to be in their place. Andreas Gabalier, 36, has now let a little lady get very close to him. Volks-Rock'n'Roller shares a sweet snapshot with a female fan on Instagram. The girl is beaming with Andreas Gabalier. No wonder, because the little one has every reason to be happy!

The girl was allowed to get very close to her idol and learn from the musician. "Princess Marie and me at her first guitar lesson ... and maybe on stage in Munich next year", wrote the Austrian about his latest recording.

Who little Marie is and how she got hold of the coveted guitar lesson will not be revealed. It is known, however, that the Andreas Gabalier Fan Festival will take place in Munich on August 6, 2022. It is quite possible that we will soon see the cute duo on the big stage.

April 7, 2021

Vanessa Mai asks her fans a question - the response is clear

Vanesa Mai, 28, has been with her husband Andreas Ferber since 2013 - the romantic wedding on Mallorca followed in 2017. The two also work together. Even so, Vanessa keeps her private life out of the public eye for the most part. Only now and then does she post pictures or short videos in which she can be seen together with her partner and manager. That could change soon though ...

In her Instagram story, the pop singer surprisingly revealed: "Andreas and I are currently discussing whether we should be much more personal on Instagram. Should we?" In order to clarify this question, the "runway" interpreter created a survey on the social media platform. And the reaction to that couldn't have been clearer: When asked "Get more personal on Instagram?" 87 percent responded with "Absolutely!". Now it's Vanessa and Andreas's turn: Let's see how they put the community's wish into practice.

Beatrice Egli raves about her nephew and niece

Easter will certainly have been something special for Beatrice Egli, 32, this year - the corona pandemic has Germany firmly under control, so many families could not see each other. So it's all the more beautiful that the pop singer had the opportunity to pursue a tradition she has come to love with her nephew and niece.

"The best thing about Easter for me was once again the Easter egg hunt with my nephews and niece! This moment, when they have found something that the Easter Bunny has hidden especially for them, is so wonderful. The bright children's eyes and the glow from both ears lets me become a child again and again! ”writes Beatrice on Instagram and posts two photos of herself outdoors.

Your fans are happy too. "The best thing is a happy child's smile," writes one fan. Another says: "These photos are so wonderful. And what you just described is so beautiful, dear Beatrice!" And a third follower is certain: "You are definitely the best aunt in the world."

April 6, 2021

Giovanni Zarrella shares a family photo on Instagram

Giovanni Zarrella, 43, and his wife Jana Ina Zarrella, 44, have two children, a son and a daughter. For the entertainer couple, one thing is clear: the offspring will remain private. So what to do if you still feel like sharing a family picture? "Get creative!" is apparently the answer from the Zarrellas. And so Giovanni posts a photo on Easter Monday that shows four hands: his, Jana Ina's and - most likely - those of his children. "Happy Easter, your Zarrellas," writes the hit star.

Jana Ina also shares the photo, adding: "HAPPY EASTER, dear ones. Enjoy the day with your loved ones." The moderator also notes a psalm and uses the hashtag "familytime". The fans like it: So far, the post has received almost 10,000 likes from Giovanni and over 16,000 users gave Jana Ina a heart for this sweet snapshot.

April 6, 2021

Maite Kelly and Oli.P had a "crush"

Maite Kelly, 41, and Oliver Petszokat, 42, have known each other for many years. When the pop singer is now a guest on his podcast "90s Kids", the two reminisce about the good old days when they celebrated together on programs like the "Bravo Supershow". "Those were the best parties ever," recalls Maite. The then 18-year-old Oli, who was also a professional dancer, delighted 17-year-old Maite with his dance skills. "Did you have a crush on me?" She asks him today. The musician doesn't have to think twice. "Of course! What does 'was' mean?", Replies Maite, whereupon Maite reveals that she also had a "crush" on him.

"It's good that we did not get together, otherwise you would have 18 children on your neck," said the 41-year-old on the podcast. While she is now the mother of three daughters and divorced from husband Florent Michel Raimond, Oliver Petszokat is married for the second time. Finally, the "DSDS" judge promises her interlocutor: "In the next life, Oli, we will get together - and I'll give you 18 children."

April 5, 2021

Howard Carpendale says "Hello again"

Germany celebrates Easter - an occasion that singer Howard Carpendale, 75, uses to contact his fans again after a long break. In addition to greetings for the festival, he also strikes a more serious tone. "I know that the general mood at the moment is not what we all want!", The Schlager star refers to the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions. But Howard Carpendale does not want to be deprived of his optimism and gives courage.

"But I am still confident that the fog that has surrounded us for over a year will soon clear a bit and in a few weeks we will suddenly see a ray of sunshine. And if that sounds a little too naive to you - it is anyway the picture I dream of. " "Howie" should speak to many from the soul.

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