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Bloodsport III (1996), full movie (Watch) German

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HD movie Bloodsport III (1996) streaming
You will be watching Bloodsport III (1996) fully streaming in HD file format. The film released and directed on 1996-12-05 by

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Bloodsport III synopsis:
The story begins after Alex defeated Demon at the Kumite from the second part. Master Sun, who initiated Alex into the discipline of the iron fist, is attacked by ninjutsu fighters and cannot defend himself against the overwhelming number of men. Alex arrives, defeats the majority, and sees Sun die in his arms. He then swears revenge on those who gave the order to kill old David. Alex goes on a search and meets Leung's brother. Alex participates in the kumite again. Sun's brother trains Alex in the toughest discipline, e.g. B. he forces him to catch an arrow. As the film progresses, Alex Cardo discovers that the wealthy businessman Duvalier was responsible for the death of Sun.

  • Film Title: Bloodsport III

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  • Year of publication: 1996

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  • Average number of votes: 4.2

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