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Current corona regulation Baden-Württemberg in lockdown: These rules apply in the state

The new corona regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg was announced on Thursday, May 13th. It came into force on Friday. When the seven-day incidence in a county has dropped below 100 for five days in a row, local authorities can implement far-reaching easing.

For incidences below 100 outdoor pools, restaurants and co .: These relaxations apply from Saturday in Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg is opening up again - at least gradually and in circles with low incidences. Among other things, gastronomy, tourism, culture and sport are relaxed - an overview. more...

For incidences below 100 outdoor pools, restaurants and co .: These relaxations apply from Saturday in Baden-Württemberg

Baden-Württemberg is opening up again - at least gradually and in circles with low incidences. Among other things, gastronomy, tourism, culture and sport are loosened up - an overview. more...

Mask requirement

Since March 29th, everywhere a Mask requirement applies, one medical mask be worn. Everyday masks are no longer enough. Medical masks are the so-called surgical masks, but also FFP2 masks or KN95 and N95 masks. This stricter mask requirement applies, for example:

  • In public and tourist passenger traffic (surgical masks are not sufficient here, FFP2, KN95 or N95 masks must be used)
  • In schools
  • In shopping centers, wholesalers and retail outlets or in markets and in the associated parking lots.
  • At the workplace and at locations where the distance of 1.5 meters to colleagues cannot be maintained
  • In doctors' offices, with alternative practitioners, in physiotherapy
  • During church services and other religious events
  • In hospitals and care facilities (surgical masks are not sufficient here, FFP2, KN95 or N95 masks have to be used.)
  • For permitted body-hugging services such as medical foot care
  • For vocational training offers in the commercial sector
  • In cars for all occupants if people outside the household are traveling with them. Couples who do not live together are considered one household.

The extended mask requirement has also been in effect for children from six to 14 years of age since March 22nd - including on Elementary schools. Children up to and including five years of age are also exempt from the mask requirement.

Rapid tests

Wherever a negative coronavirus rapid test is required in order to be able to take advantage of certain services and offers, this must be carried out and evaluated by trained third parties or carried out and evaluated under the supervision of a trained third party. A self-test at home is not enough. The test center is obliged to report a positive test result to the health department. A PCR test should then be carried out to confirm this.

Recovered and fully vaccinated people are in the respective areas from May 14th of the Exempt from compulsory testing.

Online training is enough Proof of corona rapid tests now also from hairdressers, teachers and educators

In Baden-Württemberg, according to the Corona Ordinance, hairdressers can now also carry out rapid corona tests and issue proof. This also applies to schools, daycare centers and companies. more...

Contact and exit restrictions

With the changes of the Corona regulation count to May 14th recovered and fully vaccinated individuals no longer added to the maximum number of people.

The "Federal emergency brake " valid since April 24th. It results in only minor changes for the country. So are allowed to join in circles Incidences over 100 in Baden-Württemberg again only a household and an additional person to meet. The children of the two households up to and including 13 years still do not count. Couples who do not live together are considered one household.

In Baden-Württemberg apply in the respective city and rural districts Exit restrictions between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. (not as before from 9 p.m.) when the Seven-day incidence over 100 for three consecutive days lies. During this time, staying outside of your own home or property is only permitted for "valid reasons". These include, for example, health emergencies and professional practice, but also events organized by religious, religious and ideological communities. In addition, is between 10 p.m. and midnight Exercise alone allowed outdoors. This does not apply to sports facilities.

Schools and daycare centers

Primary schools, pupils in grades 5 and 6 and corresponding grade levels of the special needs education and counseling centers temporarily returned to distance learning on April 12th. The Emergency care up to grade 7 and for all grade levels of the special needs education and counseling centers will continue to be offered.

since April 19th applies to pupils of all grades Face-to-face teaching in an alternating model - connected to a generalCompulsory test for schoolchildren and teachers. Two corona tests must be carried out per week. A negative one Test result is requirement for participation in face-to-face classes. The compulsory test also applies to visits to emergency care.

Special regulations apply in urban and rural districts with a seven-day incidence over 165 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants and week. Here should the schools mandatory on Distance learning move and the Daycare centers the Regular supportexpose. As before, this does not include emergency care for grades 1 to 7, the final grades and the special needs education and advice centers (SBBZ) G and K.

Tutoring in groups of up to five students may take place in attendance. The extended mask requirement also applies here. Groups of 10 learners are allowed in circles with a stable incidence below 100.

Daycare centers are opened. The distance requirement does not apply there to children. The state also wants an offer for daycare children Testing Deploy up to twice a week. Daycare centers, kindergartens and child day care are allowed in urban and rural districts with a Seven-day incidence over 165 only offer emergency care.

The staff in Daycare centers, Primary school support classes, Hoard and School kindergartens has had to wear a medical mask since March 22nd - except in "exclusive contact with the children". The institutions can, however, decide on stricter rules on their own. Since March 22nd, pupils at primary schools have also had to wear a medical mask or FFP2 mask in class.

Driving school education

Since May 7th, theoretical driving lessons in Baden-Württemberg can take place in person again. That was decided by the Administrative Court in Mannheim. The practical training in driving, boat and flight schools is possible again since March 8th. All inmates must wear a medical mask or an FFP2 / KN95 / N95 mask for practical lessons as well as for the practical and theoretical exam.

Decision of the Administrative Court Corona rules: theory driving lessons in Baden-Württemberg allowed in presence again

Regardless of the continued high corona incidence numbers, theoretical driving school lessons in Baden-Württemberg are now possible again in face-to-face situations. That was decided by a court. more...

Since March 22nd, driving schools have been allowed again Advanced seminars andDriving aptitude seminars carry out.

First aid course may take place if the provider presents a test concept. Participants must also have a daily, negative corona rapid test.

Music and art schools

Music, art and youth art schools are again allowed to offer limited classes. Allowed are small groups of ten students. But: in circles with one Seven-day incidence of over 100 are you allowed to only online offers do. The regulations for music, art and youth art lessons also apply to self-employed soloists such as piano teachers.

Culture and leisure activities

Zoological and Botanical Gardens If there is a seven-day incidence in the respective city or district below 100, they may remain open under the conditions for "Click and Meet" and if appropriate protection and hygiene concepts are adhered to. The prerequisite is a daily negative corona rapid test that was carried out by an official body and must not be older than 24 hours.

The Outdoor areas of zoological and botanical gardens may also open further above an incidence of 100 if appropriate protection and hygiene concepts are observed. A prerequisite is one carried out by an official body negative rapid testwhich must not be older than 24 hours. Children up to and including 5 years of age are exempt from the obligation to test.

In urban and rural districts with a stable seven-day incidence below 100 are allowed Libraries, galleries and Archives open analogous to museums with test and hygiene concept.

Since March 22nd Drive-in theaters to open again. Car concerts and Car theater are also possible again.

Theater, opera and concert performancesas well as film screenings or other cultural events are in Outdoors with up to 100 participants allowed if the seven-day incidence in the circle is below 100 on five days. Other cultural and leisure activities, however, remain closed.


If the seven-day incidence is below 100 for five consecutive days Top or professional sports events outdoors with up to 100 spectators possible again. Sports facilities on whichOutdoor recreational and amateur sports with little contact can also be used again. Then a maximum of 20 people are allowed in sports facilities within the first opening step. For outdoor areas ofSwimming pools of all kinds and alsoSwimming lakes with controlled accessone guest is allowed for every 20 square meters.

If the seven-day incidence in the respective city or district is over 100, is only Low-contact leisure and amateur sports with no more than five persons allowed from a maximum of two households. Children of the two households up to and including 13 years of age do not count. The use of the changing rooms or common rooms is not permitted.

Public and private sports facilities in closed rooms may not be used for leisure and amateur individual sports. This also applies to baths, fitness studios, dance or yoga studios and similar facilities. Exceptions are only available for rehab sports and top or professional sports. Training and events of top or professional sport are allowed without spectators. Also Gyms allowed to "for business purposes, for rehab sports, school sports, study programs, top-class or professional sports" to open.

Excursions, travel and entry from risk areas

According to the state government, counts with a stable seven-day incidence will be below 100 from May 14 tourist overnight stays Allowed again in hotels, guest houses, holiday flats and campsites in compliance with the distance and hygiene rules and the transmission of contact details. However, guests without a recovery or vaccination certificate must do one every three daysnegative corona test submit.

Rides withExcursion boats, Museum orCableways and alsoCoaches are just as permitted in such circles as the opening of High ropes courses, Mini golf courses or Boat rentals for a maximum of 20 people.

Since May 13th, uniform federal rules apply to entry into Baden-Württemberg. For completely Vaccinated as well as people who have had an initial vaccination and a previous Covid 19 infection, Baden-Württemberg has the Quarantine regulation overturned. This means that after traveling to a risk area and having contact with an infected person, they no longer have to be segregated.

In principle, there is still a quarantine obligation of ten days after entry from risk areas. What is new is that people who have not been vaccinated or have recovered will comply with the new regulation "freest" can. An antigen test that is not older than 48 hours or a PCR test that is not older than 72 hours is sufficient. So far, the quarantine in Baden-Württemberg could only be ended prematurely after five days with a negative test. The evidence of a vaccination, a survived infection or a negative test must be submitted via the entry portal. If none of these proofs can be provided, a quarantine period of ten days applies.

Who with the plane enters, needs to continue already before departure a negative test, evidence of a full Covid-19 vaccination, or recovery from infection. Vaccination and health records can free passengers from quarantine and a negative test - however, this does not apply when staying in an area with virus variants.

Beginning of the holiday season New entry rules: Quarantine does not apply if the test or vaccination is negative

When entering from a risk area, the quarantine has been bypassed with a negative corona test since Thursday. This emerges from a new federal regulation that is supposed to make traveling in summer easier. more...

Who from a High incidence area arrives, the quarantine can continue to end after five days at the earliest with a negative test. Vaccinated and recovered people are also exempt from quarantine after providing evidence. After staying in virus variant areas, a negative test must already be available upon entry. In addition, the quarantine lasts 14 days and can Not to be terminated earlier. Even vaccinated or recovered people are after staying in virus variant areas Not exempted from the obligation to test before entry and the 14-day quarantine.

The Corona regulation sees increased controls and access restrictions at day tourist hotspots by the local authorities. Private trips and excursions to tourist destinations should be avoided. Are still possible business trips and travel and overnight stays in special Hardship cases.

Retail and services

Shops that meet daily needs - especially grocery stores - are allowed to open. However, there has been a limit to the maximum sales area per customer since April 19th tightened.

Shops that do not belong to the basic supply have to close. You are still allowed to do so in Baden-Württemberg Pick-up options like offering Click & Collect. Delivery services remain allowed.

  • Construction and Raiffeisen markets have to close. They are no longer part of the basic service. Garden centers stay open.
  • Hairdressing and pedicure services are allowed to continue Services to offer. During treatments, customers and employees must wear a medical or FFP2 / KN95 / N95 mask. In addition, there is a daily updated negative rapid test required. According to the Corona regulation of the state of Baden-Württemberg, free citizen tests can be used for this. Alternatively, vaccination documentation or evidence of a previous infection can also be presented.
  • Other body-hugging services such as cosmetic, nail, massage, tattoo, tanning and piercing studios as well as cosmetic foot care facilities and similar facilities must remain closed from a seven-day incidence over 100.

May continue to open Shops that meet daily needs. These include: grocery stores, weekly markets, delivery services, beverage stores, health food stores, baby specialty stores, pharmacies, medical supply stores, drug stores, opticians, hearing aid acousticians, petrol stations, car workshops, bicycle workshops, banks and savings banks, post offices, dry cleaners, laundromats, newspaper sales, pet supplies, feed markets and wholesale.

According to the state government's step-by-step plan, the retail trade in counties that are below an incidence of 100 on five consecutive days "Click & Meet" to offer. As part of "Click & Meet", instead of one customer per 40 square meters, two tested, vaccinated or recovered customers can be admitted in the first opening step, without having to book an appointment in advance. "Click & Collect" is allowed for the entire retail trade - according to the Corona regulation, also in circles with an incidence of over 100.

Dog groomers and dog salons are generally allowed to offer their services if the animal is handed over by the customer and only picked up again after the treatment. The pet owner must therefore not be present during the treatment. The Baden-Württemberg administrative court had overturned the general closure of dog salons in the wake of the corona pandemic.

Betting offices have to since April 24th shut down.


When the seven-day incidence in each city or county has dropped below 100 for five consecutive days. Then it is Opening of restaurants both in Allowed indoors as well as outdoors - between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. The mask requirement, the distance requirement and the obligation to submit contact details apply. In addition, access is only possible for people with a test, vaccination or recovery certificate. In addition, there is a person or area restriction: Inside restaurants, one guest is allowed in 2.5 square meters of dining room, outside the AHA rules apply.

Above an incidence of 100, the catering industry remains closed. Food and drinks can be picked up become, Delivery services stay allowed. Picking up food after 10 p.m. is not permitted during the exit restrictions.


According to an updated occupational health and safety ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Labor, employers are obliged to enable home office if the operational issues do not speak against it. Employees should also accept the offer as far as they can. Otherwise, in addition to hygiene measures, the duty to wear a medical mask also applies at the workplace if the minimum distance of 1.5 meters to other employees cannot be maintained - but in any case when contacting customers. This applies inside as well as outside - also on construction sites.

Since April 19, employers have been obliged to offer their employees corona tests.

Canteens allowed in circles with a stable incidence below 100 again to open. In circles with a higher incidence, only take-away is still allowed.

Colleges and universities

Face-to-face events can continue to take place during the lockdown, insofar as this is "epidemiologically responsible and imperative," according to the state government. The decision lies with the respective institutions. Examples are laboratory internships, practical training with patient contact, dissection courses or exams. Other courses generally take place online.

In circles with stable incidence below 100 are Outdoor courses up to 100 people and the Use of study places with advance registration allowed. Then they too are allowed to Canteens to open again. Courses Adult education centers and similar facilities are then allowed inside with up to 10 people and outside with up to 20 people.

Church services and funeral services

Services in churches, synagogues and mosques as well as meetings of other religious communities are only permitted if the Minimum distance 1.5 meters can be preserved. A medical mask Is mandatory. Congregational singing is prohibited. If many visitors are expected, registration is required.

Religious events with more than ten participants must be registered with the responsible authority at least two working days in advance. Events in the context of deaths, such as blessings and urn burials, are only allowed with maximum 30 people occur. There is no exception here for children up to and including 13 years of age.

Retirement and nursing homes as well as hospitals

The first have been in effect in Baden-Württemberg since April 19 Relaxations for retirement and nursing homes: from one Vaccination rate of 90 percent of residents In one facility, the limit of two visitors per day can be lifted. In addition, the residents have the opportunity to eat together again in the common rooms.

The Access by visitors and external persons to stationary Retirement or care facilities and hospitals is only after previous negative antigen test no more than 48 hours old and with an FFP2, KN95, N95 mask permissible. At least one surgical mask is required for children aged six to 14 years inclusive; Everyday masks are no longer allowed. The facilities must offer the corona rapid test on site. They settle the costs with the long-term care or health insurance.

In addition, the employees of inpatient care facilities 3 times per week get tested. At outpatient care services are two tests a week required. There are exceptions to this, for example for emergency doctors, the police or fire brigade on duty.

Before visiting, it is strongly recommended that you read up on how the facility works.

The rules for Hospital visitors apply analogously: access is only possible after prior notice negative antigen test (not older than 48 hours) and with an FFP2, KN95, N95 mask or similar permissible.

State government tightened corona rules for old people's and nursing homes

According to the state health minister, old people's and nursing homes are "hot spots" in the corona pandemic. Now the state government wants to better protect the residents, a corresponding ordinance will apply from Monday. more...

We are constantly updating this article. Nevertheless, it is possible that something changes from the official side at short notice. The currently valid and legally binding version of the Corona Ordinance can be found at www.baden-wuerttemberg.de