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As everyone knows, the ping in games determines how smoothly and without any major delay commands are carried out in the respective game. But now the question "how can I artificially increase the ping in games" wants to check up to which ping man can still play one or the other game smoothly does one have to change something in the df network? or is there a tool that could? if I run a benchmark, for example, the ping rises uncontrollably that would not help me because I want to reach a certain ping! I hope you know something

Answer 1 from RATLOS234

addendum //

I heard that the PING command can be used to set the packet size that should be sent is that possible?

how do you do that in practice? have no idea about the ping command.

and can this really increase the ping?

Answer 2 from Lucky_Strike

give times in the console ping / help. then you will at least learn something about the additional options ...


Answer 3 from RATLOS234

hmmm that heist woll you also don't know whether the order is okay?

I just found a prog that could be the solution it is called "NetLimiter"
dammit you can set the down and upstream speed for individual applications in which case I would just have to reduce the upstream speed and the ping would have to increase or does that have nothing to do with the upstream?

Answer 4 from supaman

Answer 5 from Megatron

no idea how you can do something directly on the computer, but many providers offer the so-called FastPath, i.e. the speed is improved by the provider.

Answer 6 from Errator


maybe you should first google a google to clarify the general terms ping and latency. A useful link might be

I am not aware of any program that could change the ping. Fastpath has nothing to do with the lunging. Here only the error check is deactivated, which helps to achieve faster response times. With Netlimiter you can only set the transmission speed, but this has nothing to do with the ping .. #


Answer 7 from Megatron

um, isn't the ping the answer time given in milliseconds? and wasn't the question how to improve the ping?

if that is the case, fastpath seems to me to be a sensible solution. Anyway, a friend of mine hired him at t-online and says that his first-person shooters in particular get much better connections.

Answer 8 from RATLOS234


My aim is not to improve the ping times but to worsen them in a controlled manner!

that is true with the prog above, however, I've seen on various websites that you can also influence what with the mtu value but what?

I also heard that you can reduce the bandwidth by operating several proxy servers one after the other, but you can't do that in a controlled manner, but what I want.

with games like counter strike ut2004 for example. you can increase the ping through settings in the ini file, but that hardly works with every game.

I have a DSL connection and used a router are there any settings?

it must be possible to slow down your internet connection?

Answer 9 from Megatron

sorry, I wasn't paying attention. is probably because I've never heard that someone wants to have a slower connection.
pure curiosity: why do you even want to know how far you can go up?

Neither can I give you any sensible advice, since you want to proceed in a controlled manner. But would it not be possible that you start a download or upload, where the transfer rate remains constant over a long period of time (for example some huge file on / from a known ftp server) and then see how your games run?

Answer 10 from RATLOS234

yes, looking for a large download and downloading it while playing online at the same time certainly increases the ping but not the contand.

I've also seen people uh, read the forum to run the kazza on the side to increase the ping, but that's a so-so solution.

I'm sure that you can increase the ping in a controlled manner, I've already read something about it on some sites, but unfortunately not the right solution.

thanks anyway who answered here !!

Answer 11 from timm


the idea with up- or downloads by the way to increase the ping is well and good ... but unfortunately not funzt with adsl.

if you load 50% of your upstream, for example, and play at the same time, your ping remains more or less the same high (or low, as you want to call it) but - and that's the interesting thing - has short "outliers" in which it jumps to arbitrarily high values.

I did a couple of tests with me @ home (tdsl 128 / 768kbit / s without fastpath) with emule and cs and just found out up to what utilization of the upstream you can still play.

Depending on the upload bandwidth, the interval in which the ping jumps from normal values ​​to 200-500ms or even higher increases or decreases.

long story short:

you get absolutely no constant values, just a more or less regular lag while playing.

the only possibility that i see so spontaneously is to enlarge the route to the respective server.

Find a server that is not just around the corner in Germany, but e.g. in the United States. then you should at least come from 70-90ms to 200-300ms.

If that's not enough for you, then do your research and manually set the route over which the desired computer should be pinged and then drag the connection via nodes that are so far away that the longer distance and the reaction time of the knot, increase your ping by the desired amount.

if you have a software router at home you could also think about whether the forwarding of the routed packets can not be artificially delayed (by the amount by which you want your ping to be increased).
that would be the most elegant solution, theoretically feasible.


Answer 12 from Kasper

From my own experience I can tell you how high the pings should be:

Action / first person shooter -> Max 800
Strategy -> Max 1500
Adventure / Jump & Run -> 900

I would like to ask a question to the members for free:

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