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The Admiral Was a Lady(1950)

Four WWII vets cleverly avoid work thanks to humorous scheming of their former head officer, Stevens. Apart from that the subplots multiply and crowd around in attempted screwball fashion.

The movie's an occasionally amusing slapstick. Then again, when I think frantic comedy, tough guy Eddie O'Brien sure doesn't come to mind. He tries hard here, probably too hard, while his middle-age pairing with an angelic looking Hendrix requires a stretch. Still no one was better at fast-talking than the star of noir classic DOA, ironically made the same year as Admiral, i.e. 1950.

Looks to me like someone was trying to juice up the material with a frantic pace, as the scenes speed along without time to really register. That is, my chuckles were too quickly crowded out by the onset of a new scene or dialogue, cutting short my satisfaction. In short, if comedy can be too slow, it can also be too fast as is the case here.

Anyway, it's O'Brien as seldom seen, with Hendrix doing her best in a difficult role. If she looks a bit confused, it's understandable. Then there's the three familiar supporting players just sort of hanging around. True, Sands is now more obscure than the other two, Brodie and Erdman; still, he was certainly a well-known heart-throb for my post-war teen generation. All in all, the flick's just an okay madcap whose few imaginative touches are over-crowded by problems with pacing and plots. Too bad.