How do striped basses taste

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Shoemaker, Karl / Forsthofer, Leopold / Rizzi, Silvio / Teubner, Christian:

The big book of chocolate. Product knowledge, patisserie, confectionery, desserts and drinks.

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M nchen, Gr fe and Unzer., 2004

ISBN: 3774269742 / 3-7742-6974-2

Provider Steamhead Records & Books, (Rodgau-Nieder-Roden, Germany)


amount: 1

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Hardback edition. Signed! Copy hand-signed and dated on front title by pastry chef Gaston Lenotre, slight storage marks, original dust jacket, this one rubbed, with some very superficial scratches, the binding edges slightly bumped and light traces, reading ribbon frayed, inside absolutely as good as new, German 1800g. Item no .: 19591.


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