How to cook pee clams

Test for fresh mussels, step by step

Mussels still have to be alive before they end up in the saucepan. Even with really fresh goods, it can happen that dead mussels are included and they have to be sorted out. I wrote down the most important rules here, with which you can ensure step by step that afterwards you only have pure enjoyment on your plate.

  1. Rinse the mussels under cold water and clean the outside thoroughly with a coarse brush. The mussels should smell of the sea, of algae and of mussels, so rather pleasant.
  2. If they smell unpleasant or foul, you have to be careful because that is the sign that there are rotten mussels among them. That doesn't mean you can't eat them all anymore, but you have to sort them out carefully. Sometimes there are only a few mussels that are damaged and therefore no longer edible and the much larger part is flawless. However, if the mussels smell of ammonia (like urine) then that would be a big alarm signal and you should bring the mussels back to where you bought them as quickly as possible and complain.
  3. So, sort out and throw away any damaged mussels. Then sort out all opened mussels, but do not throw them away. After a while outside of the water, mussels open to breathe. Opened mussels can therefore still live and be edible. We do the knock test and knock the shell on the countertop several times. Put aside.
  4. We put the remaining mussels, which are closed and whole, in a large bowl with cold water, where they stay for an hour or two. If the mussels have absorbed sand, it is now repelled.
  5. If the other mussels from the knock test have closed in the meantime, they are still alive and come to the other ones in the bowl that we will eat. If they are left open, they are dead and we throw them away.
  6. After thorough washing and soaking, prepare the mussels according to the recipe. Please keep in mind that mussels are living beings and do not deserve a slow death, so please always add them to the boiling liquid.
  7. After preparation, only eat all the mussels that have been opened wide. If there are any that are closed, they were already dead. You definitely don't eat them! With mussels that have only opened a crack, you do not take any risk and you do not open them with force, but put them aside for later disposal.

This ensures that the delicious mussels are also pure enjoyment. Here at FM there are some delicious recipes, according to "Mussels Op Rheinisch" I prepared the mussels from the photo. It's worth trying, so enjoy your meal!