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X-Factor: The incomprehensibleseason 2

It is a show in which the truth sounds inconceivable. There are 5 stories some of which are wrong and some of which are right. After every story you can decide for yourself whether it is right or wrong. At the end of the broadcast, the resolutions will be announced.

Years of production

1997 - 2002

main actor

James Brolin, Jonathan Frakes


Al Schwartz, Barry Adelman

Episode 2

show description

The fire station / Burglar / The Casanova / The millionaire heir / The snakebite // The fire station: Little Steve Hanson would like to be a firefighter for his life and therefore spends most of the day at the fire station to play. For Roger Parks, the little one is almost like a son of his own, and Steve learned everything a good firefighter needs to know from Roger. One day Steve discovers a major fire and saves many people from certain death with his early warning. When Parks and his colleagues wanted to thank him, the little one disappeared without a trace - but then one of the firefighters found the body of a little boy in the rubble. // Burglar: Mr. and Mrs. Drummer want to go out again after a long time. The concerned parents therefore hired young Sarah as a babysitter. Hardly on the way, the parents notice that Sarah has forgotten her computer. They turn back - and come back just in time to save Sarah and the baby's lives: Burglars have ravaged the house and gagged the girl. The police can catch the gangsters, but during the cleanup it turns out that Sarah's computer was in her backpack the whole time. // The Casanova: Curtis is a playboy straight out of a picture book. Loyalty and love are foreign words to him until one day he meets Florence Wheeler. The attractive woman lives in the neighboring house and immediately arouses his interest. The two spend a lot of time together, and it seems like Curtis really fell in love this time around. But then Florence finds out that he is cheating on her too. When she leaves, Curtis wants to make up for his mistake and pursues her when he sees her in the courtyard of the nearby church. He comes to a tombstone that bears Florence Wheeler's name - his love died 50 years ago. // The Millions Heir: Because his adoptive parents can't raise enough money, Jason can't go to college. The talented footballer is hoping for a scholarship. One day while training in the park, he found a wallet with various credit cards in it. Although a friend advised him against, Jason decides to hand the wallet in person to the address on the cards. Suddenly he stands in front of a large, well-kept villa, but Mr. Henry Neman, the owner, is apparently not present. Instead, the butler opens the door, and Jason is very intimidated by his harsh demeanor and the strange manner of the attorney who is also present. Jason hands over the wallet and wants to leave the place immediately when he notices a photo. It shows a man who bears a downright startling resemblance to him - and it turns out that Jason is the long-lost heir to the vast fortune that Mr. Neman left behind after his death. // The stranger: When little Freddy is bitten by a rattlesnake on a camping trip, he is helped by a wheelchair user who suddenly appeared in the forest. When his parents and the paramedics finally find him, Freddy is completely unharmed. But who was the mysterious man in the wheelchair? (Text: RTL II)

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