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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the fifth main part ofThe Elder Scrolls and was released on November 11, 2011 for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. A version for the Nintendo Switch was released on November 17, 2017.

The game was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and distributed by Bethesda Softworks. The project was directed by Todd Howard, while Jeremy Soule acted as composer as in many previous games.


Skyrim takes place about 200 years after its predecessor Oblivion in 4E 201. The great king of Skyrim, Torygg, was assassinated and the province is dominated by civil war. Some want to break away from the crumbling empire and split off, others want to remain part of it. This is extremely problematic because, according to a prophecy in the Scrolls of the Ancients, this split is the last event that must happen in order for the dragons, led by Alduin, to return to Skyrim.

The player starts according to the The Elder Scrolls-Tradition, as a prisoner, and is on the way to his execution, as he was believed to be a stormcoat rebel.



You should have acted. You are already here.
The scrolls of the ancients told of their return.
Their defeat was just a procrastination.
Until after the Oblivion opened.
If the sons of Skyrim shed their own blood.
But nobody wanted to believe it. Believe that they even existed.
And when the truth finally comes to light, it burns ablaze.
But there is one they fear.
In their language he is called Dovahkiin - Dragon's Blood!


The action takes place in Skyrim, the home of the Nords. The peace of the country is severely disrupted by the return of the dragons and civil war.

Skyrim is the northernmost region in Tamriel and the geography is dominated by mountains, snowy tundra and pine forests, with numerous green spaces to be found especially in the south and west.

The game world size is approx. 41 square kilometers.

There are around 250 dungeons spread across Skyrim and a fast travel system that allows players to return to any location they have visited at the touch of a button.

There are 346 marked locations in Skyrim, which can be reached on the map by fast travel after discovering them.



There is no longer mysticism as a skill, but the associated spells have been placed in the other schools of magic. Acrobatics and athletics have been completely removed. Weapon skills have not been removed, but have been grouped into one-handed and two-handed - gunsmithing stays as it was.

There are 18 skills in total, six for each play style (magic, combat, and stealth). The skills are as follows:

The magician

The warrior

The thief

Leveling up, classes and character customization

In Skyrim you can expand your character up to level 81 (endless with patch 1.9). The classic attributes of the predecessors have been removed, instead health, stamina and magicka can be improved directly. There is also a perk system, so the player can choose a specialization or special abilities from a list of 251 perks when leveling up. Without a patch it is possible to activate 80 perks, but with one you can have all of them (or with the Legendary Edition).

Furthermore, there are so-called boulders distributed over the edge of the sky. They are very similar to the ritual stones from Cyrodiil and the natural stones from Solstheim and give the player different skills, for example you can carry more objects or accelerate your upgrade in magic skills; the powers here are very similar to the zodiac signs from Oblivion.

The character creation has been expanded again, so you can see your character in Skyrim miss a beard, scars or war paint, among other things.


There is again the option to choose from ten peoples represented in Tamriel:

Combat system

The combat system has undergone some major changes. It is now possible to use two weapons or spells at the same time. This gives you more playful freedom, for example you can equip yourself with a sword and a spell, or you can equip two spells which, when used together, gain strength.

A big innovation in the combat system are the "dragon screams". In the course of the game the player finds "screams" and can use them. It is the language of the dragons, which carries great powers. By killing dragons and absorbing their souls, the player becomes stronger. The dragon screams differ greatly in their effect: While one person simply hurls the enemy against the wall, one can summon a dragon with another to stand by one side in battle. The fights against the dragons are not scripted, which means that the dragons make their own decisions.

There are also finishing moves and assassination opportunities. That implies the ability to creep in to gain advantage in combat. "Finishing Moves" are simply sequences that sometimes appear less often when you kill an opponent.

Bows have a short "charging phase" while they are being stretched. However, the longer you draw, the greater the damage (until you can no longer draw the bow).

Level system of opponents

The level system of the opponents in Oblivion was strongly criticized by many players: There the opponents always adapted to the level of the player, which led to some problems. If you tried to defeat your opponent again after a while at a higher level, he too rose in the level and is still as difficult as before. The player was often deprived of the feeling of developing and becoming stronger. In Skyrim it depends roughly on the level of the player which opponent will appear, e.g. bandit or later bandit marauder.


The armament system is less complex than in Morrowind and Oblivion. Chest armor and leg parts have been put together and are only available as a complete part. However, cosmetic items such as gloves, boots, and helmets are still available individually. According to Todd Howard, the merging of chest and leg parts offers the possibility of integrating more different armor into the game and at the same time placing more NPCs in the world at the same time, as the system can load the armor faster.

Guns and armor no longer need to be repaired with repair hammers. Weapons and armor no longer break, but both can now be improved.

Worlds of the predecessor

Not only the province of Skyrim is included in Skyrim, but also the areas of Morrowind including the Red Mountain, Cyrodiil including the White Gold Tower, Hammerfell and Hochfels.

However, these areas are not accessible during the normal course of the game and are blocked by invisible barriers. However, PC gamers can use a console command and console gamers with a trick to bypass the barriers and thus get to the provinces.

However, these are not nearly as detailed as Skyrim, nor are they solid, so the player falls through the ground. The land masses of the other provinces of Tamriel have been included in every Elder Scrolls part so far, but not as detailed in terms of land outline. Why Bethesda added the areas to Skyrim is still uncertain, but there are three likely explanations:

  • The developers wanted to give the mod community a template for the worlds so that they no longer have to develop the entire land area themselves.
  • Bethesda just wanted to create a natural and believable environment for Skyrim, as it borders on the said provinces in Tamriel.
  • You just wanted to leave the door open for any DLCs so that you don't have to develop everything from scratch.

complete solution

For a description of the quests and a complete solution, see the main article Quests (Skyrim) or Main Quests (Skyrim).

There are a total of 19 main quests, which are divided into three parts, so-called acts.


A new engine developed by Bethesda itself is used in Skyrim: the Creation Engine. The engine enables impressive foresight and is able to realistically display flowing water. Snow, rain and other environmental effects can be displayed. When tree tops fall, snow is stopped and distributed unevenly on the ground so that weather effects should appear as credible as possible. If you go uphill in the game world, the weather gets worse and worse (i.e. windier and with more snow) the more you gain altitude.

Radiant AI

The Creation Engine enables the use of the "Radiant" AI. This system allows NPCs to have many more individual characteristics than was the case in the older games. This means that every NPC has its own personality and lives a comprehensible, non-scripted everyday life.

Radiant story

The "Radiant Story" system is also being introduced for the first time in Skyrim. Depending on the behavior and skills of the player, quests and their possible solutions are (partially) adapted. There are also unique occurrences that happen by chance. M'aiq the liar is also present again, for example.

User Interface (HUD)

The new HUD is designed to be minimalist and efficient. The HUD is only displayed when a value (stamina, energy or magic) approaches the critical area. The biggest change is the new menu system:

Skyrim offers a completely new menu system. If you press the menu button, a window appears in which you can call up further menus using the up, down, left or right button. If you press to the left, a magic menu appears: There are over 85 different spells in the game, which are described in detail there. If you press to the right, the inventory appears, where you can view, rotate and zoom almost every object in a 3D view. If you press down, the world map appears, but instead of opening a menu, the camera zooms out and moves up so that the game world can be viewed from above. You can then set markers on the map, view quests and routes and more. If you press up, you get to the statistics page.

Creation Kit

  • As in the previous versions, there is also a "Construction Set" in Skyrim, an editor for the PC to create mods, objects, areas and NPCs. In Skyrim the program is called "Creation Kit".
  • For detailed information on the Creation Kit, see the main article Creation Kit.


There are three DLCs for Skyrim:

  1. The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard
  2. The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire
  3. The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn


Premium Edition

The Premium Edition also contains some additional items:

  • A high quality parchment map of the Skyrim Province
  • A t-shirt with the emblem of the empire (size L)
  • The Elder Scrolls: Hell City
  • Six exclusive Concept Art postcards
  • A making-of DVD for Skyrim with an eBook version of the walkthrough and five songs from the soundtrack

Collector's Edition