How to fix a sand disk-shaped windshield

Car - stone chips: replace or repair windshield? stone chips in the windshield: can it still be repaired or does the windshield have to be replaced? And what are the costs of replacement and repair? A simple rule gives the answer.

At first, the hole in the windshield is small and barely noticeable. But a rockfall can quickly expand into a larger crack. Damage to the windscreen should therefore be repaired immediately. There is a cheap and an expensive variant - depending on the size and position of the damage.

Rockfall: need repairs? Rule of thumb helps

Basically, a simple rule applies. Damage can be repaired if it:

  • is not in the driver's field of vision,
  • is less than five millimeters,
  • or at least ten centimeters from the edge.

The field of vision is about the width of a DIN A4 sheet of paper and is located directly above the center of the steering wheel. The height of the field of vision is limited by the wiping field of the windshield wiper.

Stone chips affect not only the windshield, but also the radiator grille and bonnet. Here you can find out how you can quickly and cheaply eliminate ugly damage in the paintwork.

Rockfall: repair or replace? (Source: TÜV Süd)

In addition, only the outside of the pane may be damaged - i.e. not the intermediate film underneath or even the inner pane. The damaged area with fine cracks and fissures must remain clean and dry. A tip: Cover the damage quickly with a sticker, a piece of scotch tape or a piece of foil. A special windscreen plaster that you can put in the glove compartment as a precaution is ideal. You can get such plasters from a car glazier or from your insurance company.

What does it cost to repair the windshield after a rock fall?

Stone chips in the windshield: car workshops or specialist car glass workshops can repair the damage.

If the window can be repaired (criteria: see above), it goes to a car workshop or a specialist automotive glass company. There the damage is repaired with special resin. If the work is done well, the pane is almost flawless again and almost as strong as it was before the rockfall. Many providers give a guarantee on their work. The repair costs for a simple stone chip damage usually do not amount to more than 100 euros. As a rule, insurance companies cover these costs without requiring the deductible.

What does it cost to replace the window after a rock fall?

Disc replacement: If the damage is too great or too close to the edge of the disc, it must be replaced. (Source: Westend61 / imago images)

Does the pane have to be replaced? Then the effort is much greater because the windshields are glued into modern cars. The costs are also significantly higher. They are on average at least 500 euros.

Here, the partially comprehensive insurance pays, but the owner remains on the deductible (usually 150 or 300 euros). Insured persons do not have to fear an increase in their insurance premium due to the repair of rockfall damage or the replacement of the window.

Do not get involved in unnecessary disc replacement

Important: Sometimes it happens that repair shops advise to replace the windshield, which is actually unnecessary, and lure customers by assuming the deductible costs. The ADAC strongly advises against this, because that would be insurance fraud and thus a criminal offense.