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SoulmatesThe meaning of power animals: How to find your personal soul animal!

Soul animals, or power animals, have theirs Origin in shamanism, an ancient traditional healing system. They are supposed to protect people and guide them on their way. Each animal has a different meaning and message. Those who know how to interpret their power will learn exciting things about themselves and the future.

But for that you first have to know what your own soul animal is.

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How do you recognize your personal power animal?

First of all, you have to understand that you cannot choose, "I would like a wolf to be my soul animal". Your power animal or soul animal is the embodiment of your subconscious - and you can't choose your subconscious either. Be open to what is coming.

Usually a soul animal shows up in moments when you are very calm and relaxed. For example during meditation or in your dreams. But they can also show themselves to you in the real world, for example by a (wild) animal showing itself to you very often in a short period of time, or by behaving strangely in your presence.

There is no "one" way to find your soul animal. You must be vigilant and open your heart as well as your soulto discover it.

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This is the meaning of the animals

When you find out what your soul animal is, study it. Which characteristics are assigned to the animal? What does that mean for me? Are there perhaps even specific connections to my current life situation?

Here are some examples of soul animals and the meanings ascribed to them:

Horse: The horse symbolizes freedom. It's wild and always breaks new ground. Loyalty is also a trait of this animal. Whoever sees the horse is full of energy, makes plans and knows what true friendship means. But it also shows that sometimes it's smarter to flee than to fight.

dog: The dog stands for loyalty and protection. Honest and playful, he openly shows his affection and joy - something like that is contagious! It drives away our sad thoughts and gives strength for new projects. Dangers are recognized quickly. Keep eyes open! Loyalty and love are the most important things in life.

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wolf: The wolf is a wise animal and initiates us into ancient knowledge. He stands for leadership and strength. At the same time, however, it also symbolizes the wild, unbridled and mystical. Sometimes he leaves his pack to gain experience. Changes are pending. It is time for a course correction.

fish: There is something profound about fish. He can slide down to the ground, discover valuable things there, and then return to the surface. Sometimes you have to pause and take stock. The power of the fish helps to gain knowledge and to exploit the spiritual potential.

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Seahorse: The seahorse symbolizes romance, protection, care and the loving treatment of people and animals. It stands for fulfilled harmony. But at the same time there is something mysterious about it. The family is now the focus. Love awakens the desire for absolute security.

owl: The owl has alert eyes - also one that looks inward wisely. No other animal is so clairvoyant. It stands for mental abilities and intuition. Falsehood has no chance with her. The owl advises listening to your inner voice when making decisions, and not just trusting your mind.

Butterfly: The butterfly stands for transformation. He transforms from a caterpillar into a magnificent being. Butterflies are characterized by activity, are restless creatures, and do not stay in one place for long. It is the time to change. New plans are forged and pursued. Don't worry: everything will work out!

Cat: The cat symbolizes independence. Motto: First look at what you think of a thing from the outside, don't get caught up in emotions and keep a cool head. It's not worth bending over. Stand by your uniqueness and find your own way! He is the key to happiness.

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Eagle: The eagle is highly revered and is considered sacred. He is the king of the air and therefore a powerful animal of strength. It should strengthen our mental abilities, give us trust and protection. Take courage! Those who are fearless can soar to lofty heights. From up there you see the world with different eyes.

Bear: The bear is the symbol for healing, change, wisdom and change. He has the gift of being happy even when alone. He never acts hastily, but is extremely deliberate. The strenght is to be found in serenity. The bear advises against making quick decisions that you may later regret.

Fox: He symbolizes the deception. Not everything that is obvious corresponds to the truth. Either you are blinded or, in order not to harm anyone, you should keep the truth to yourself.

Hamster: The hamster is a collector who likes to hoard. Used correctly, this can be a great strength. Check whether you are using this quality for your benefit. Give away what you don't really need.

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kingfisher: He is a symbol of a twist. It indicates events that herald an imminent change. Something surprisingly beautiful, unexpectedly joyful or amazing is about to enter your life. Watch out!

Goose: The goose stands for loyalty and confidence. Do not let external influences dissuade you from your path. Be true to yourself. So you can keep track of things even in times of crisis.

Squirrel: The squirrel indicates that there is an argument in the air. It warns against avoiding upcoming disputes. Don't be afraid to make and implement clarifying decisions.

Falcon: The falcon is an excellent hunter. When he appears, he wants to wake up and draw attention to something. The opportunity for a clear decision is now good - take it! Make nails.

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Salamander: The fire salamander stands for a change that will soon lead to new experiences, perceptions and insights. Old ties prevent you from taking your next steps. Break away from it and leave it behind you.

Deer: The deer is a good companion. It symbolizes the right path on which one can confidently continue. Use the stable phase of life to bring order to your everyday life and to live your needs.

Crane: The crane draws attention to the aspect of pride. It is a sign that someone is prone to overconfidence. Vanity hurts! Inner values ​​are more valuable than beautiful superficiality.

Lark: The lark is a pious bird. He suggests finding a form of prayer for oneself. What do you really want? Believe that you can achieve it. Reflect and take care of your soul too.

Stork: The stork is a messenger for growth, new experiences and challenges. A living being comes into your life - be it a human or an animal. It will enrich your everyday life and give a lot of joy.

Dragon-fly: The delicately shimmering insect stands for lightness and flexibility. The dragonfly as a soul animal also brings this light-heartedness into your life. If you are currently in a crisis and a mountain of problems is piling up in front of you, the dragonfly can help you to find the right balance again. Be agile and flexible like this fascinating insect and just try to change your perspective.

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Hedgehog: Have you withdrawn, made small and invisible for far too long? Then the hedgehog could show you new ways. With its erect spines it symbolizes the rays of the sun. He tells you that you no longer have to hide, that you do not have to shy away from the light and that you can stand by yourself at any time. If the hedgehog appears to you in a dream, this indicates a great sensitivity and strong vulnerability.

Snake: The snake has been worshiped by many peoples of the earth since ancient times - as a symbol of creation, sexuality or even rebirth. As a soul animal, the snake is your protector. This animal, which glides silently by and sheds its skin again and again, helps you shed the old and enter new stages of development or life. A fresh start is always possible.

Racoon: A playful little crook who (mostly) gets what he wants! It stands for playfulness, lightness and thus for the inner healthy child. Throw control overboard, just believe in yourself. Discover the child in yourself.

Woodpecker: Do you close yourself and your heart to others? The woodpecker knocks for you to open it! He asks you to wear your heart on your tongue and to confide in your fellow human beings. Open your heart to others.

Weasel: If it rushes into your life, it heralds a time of reunion. Allow yourself and others forgiveness and reconciliation - and rely unconditionally on your feelings. Belief in reconciliation.

Swan: Show the world your true self! It is important to get out of the feeling of the ugly duckling and present yourself proud and sublime like the swan to the world. Allow change.

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