What is cooleukor app

What are chocoEUKor, RoseEUKor and CoolEUKor for apps?

March 22, 2017 | 9:09 am | Toni Steiner

If you look at your installed apps on your Android smartphone, you will usually also find apps with the names ChocoEUKor, RoseEUKor, SyncmIDS, Helv Neue S or CoolEUKor. But what are these programs doing on your cell phone, can they be deleted and what is their purpose?

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Are RoseEUKor, SyncmIDS and Co viruses or spyware?

There are no viruses behind the apps mentioned. The programs are already installed by the manufacturer at the factory and have various purposes. Most of these contain additional fonts that can be used on Android.

chocoEUKor in the app overview

Can I deactivate, uninstall or delete ChocoEUKor, CoolEUKor and Co?

If the apps were installed ex works, then they cannot be uninstalled without major inconvenience. For this you need to use your cell phone first root. The packages can then be used with apps such as Titanium Backup be uninstalled.

In principle, however, the question arises whether the effort to delete a few fonts is worthwhile. When in doubt, it doesn't hurt to let the apps run on the smartphone or to force or deactivate them.

Which fonts do the apps contain?

ChocoEUKor and CoolEUKor are Font packageswhich are provided with Korean characters. For this reason, the apps have no specific use for users from the western area and can therefore be stopped and deactivated without hesitation.


chocoEUKorCoolEUKor and Co are System appsbehind which there are font packages. They are not a prerequisite for the cell phone to work and can be stopped and deactivated. If the phone has been rooted, they can also be uninstalled and deleted. So far, there are no known problems that occur after deleting the apps and interfere with the system. However, we do not guarantee this.

Our recommendation for you: If the corresponding fonts are not required, deactivating the app is sufficient. The demands of the programs on the resources of the phone are so small that the difference is not noticeable. Other - possibly unknown - functions of your smartphone may also be preinstalled. For example, so-called rich communication functions, which are mainly offered by newer smartphones. Simply speak to our aetka specialist dealers about this.

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