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St. Lucia sights - 7 tips for the most beautiful Caribbean vacation * Press trip

I'm on a mission: I want to find the most beautiful St. Lucia sights for you! As we dock at the port, I can already see the St. Lucia flag blowing in the wind. Blue stands for the sea, yellow for the sun. The colors black and white for the people. That sounds promising and I let the atmosphere work on me for now.

Once on land, David, my driver for the next few days, says "One Love" when I ask him about the Lucian philosophy of life. David, a guy with a turban with a splendid dreadlock underneath, is a real Rastafarian. One Love - he is quoting Bob Marley. He says it's actually totally banal, but there are no better words for this way of life. David claims that the people here are what makes this island special. I am looking forward to what may come.

The first steps on St. Lucia lead me directly to the Hardest Hard Bar. One of the top St. Lucia sights. Here my companion Petra is greeted by Evelyn, the bar owner, with “Hey babe, so good to see you”. Oh yes, this hospitality makes me feel right at home. I order a beer and get the local drink called piton. Named after the island's landmark: the two Piton Mountains that adorn St. Lucia. A first foretaste, literally. The locals sit around me in the bar and drink their beer in good company. Reggeaton sounds can be heard from the jukeboxes and I pick up scraps of English conversation. This is how comfortable arrival on vacation feels. I love it.

St. Lucia sights - Tip 1: Dance the cocorina on the cocoa plantation

I enter the property of the former Cocoa plantation Fond Doux Plantation & Resort. On my right side I see trailers I see trailers with different roasted cocoa beans, on the other side a souvenir shop and a restaurant. I walk towards a large estate from which a woman comes out and beams at me.

Eroline Lamontage, the owner of the estate of the former cocoa plantation Fond Doux Plantation & Resort, is taking it personally the time to guide me through their huge tropical garden. We walk past passion fruits, star fruits, palm trees with coconuts, cocoa trees ... it feels like everything is growing here. I think you could even survive here for a while if you had nothing. Between all the trees and fruits, I discover cute houses with hammocks or rocking chairs on the veranda. You can live here, that's probably what resort guests think too.

Clinton, an employee of the property, shows me where and how the cocoa beans are roasted and shows me the traditional cocoa dance "Cocorina". With the name, which sounds so similar to my own, I can't help but give it a try and live up to the name. The "dance" is more of a sports workout than a sensual dance. I hold on to the edge of a large semicircular metal tub while Clinton gradually drips a slippery mass into the tub, which I am only supposed to stir around the cocoa beans with my feet. Clinton says the slimy mixture used to grind the cocoa beans is good for the skin. After my dance routine, I actually have soft feet like a baby's bottom.

Apart from visiting the former cocoa plantation, you have the opportunity to make your own chocolate here. Unfortunately, I don't have the time for that, but I got a finished chocolate to try and it is a real treat.

The tour and the workshop are conducted from 2 people and you should plan about 2 hours for this. It is enough to register online one day in advance at

St. Lucia sights - Tip 2: Zip lining through the rainforest

Are you as afraid of heights as I am? When zip lining in the rainforest, the finest adrenaline rush awaits me. The whimpering noise is still absolutely limited during the briefing. With the seat belts on, I run like a cowboy to the zipline tree, which is the starting point of my activity. From there it goes 48 steps, on a spiral staircase around the tree, upwards, towards the treetop. Omiah, my guide, looks at my fear as I stand at the starting point. She straps my safety device to the steel rope, calls to Charly, who is waiting for me at the other end of the rope, the “Go” and gives me a sign that I can now set off. I hesitate. She asks if she should go with me and I accept the offer with thanks. Now that I'm getting to know the feeling of hanging on a rope with harnesses, I'm much more relaxed.

For the first three cable cars I still take advantage of the offer to ride in the company of Omiah or Charlie. After that I dare to go on alone and realize that braking isn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Below me the deep gorge with water and next to me one of the huge Piton Mountains. An experience that kicks me. That day I went over the border in my head, I made up my mind, hesitated for a moment and then did it. I am proud of myself.

There are three ziplining stations on Saint Lucia: Babonneau in the north, Dennery on the east coast. I stayed at the Morne Coubaril Estate to the south and it is $ 75 per person. There are a total of eight zipline ropes in Morne Coubaril, which are completed as a guided tour with two guides. The guides take care of the safety on the ropes and you don't necessarily need to make a reservation, because you can join a group on site.

St. Lucia sights - Tip 3: Night snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea - In search of Nemo

The beach section of my hotel resort is slowly emptying. The sunset is already in its full pink bloom and I sit on my lounger and enjoy the view of the colored sky. A nice pastime while waiting for my dive guides with whom I will dive into the dark expanse of the sea. Mark, the hotel manager had asked me the previous evening if I'd ever snorkeled at night. I haven't been there before, there was no arguing about why and he booked me a tour for the next evening. While the sun is going down, I meet with my guide. I get fins, a mask and a flashlight. I light my way into the water with the flashlight. I put on my fins, put on the mask and practice breathing with the snorkel on the surface of the water. Being able to breathe underwater is also just an unfamiliar feeling.

Admittedly, I'm a little afraid of the dark in the sea. However, the awareness that a guide swims in front of and behind me calms me down a lot. We dive off, the head under water and the rough whistling of the cool wind is a thing of the past. It's such a beautiful calm underwater. I feel reassured that I have to search to find the underwater animals. I spot an octopus, puffer fish, a sea cucumber, a scorpion fish, crabs and lobsters, a sea snake and some curious fish drawn to the light. Sometimes the fish frighten me when they swim against me and jump slightly out of the water and onto my head. Which in turn scares me. It is a wonderful experience to feel at one with nature and to get a little insight into the underwater world at night. As a hotel guest, this tour can be booked directly at the reception of the Sugar Beach Resort.

St. Lucia sights - tip 4: bathe in the volcanic thermal water

It is not always true that whoever wants to be beautiful has to suffer. I bump through the navigable volcano to get to the Natural Spa of the Sulfur Springs. On the island, this place is also known as the only drive-in volcano in the world. The smell of sulfur penetrates through the closed windows and gray smoke rises from the floor around me. Somehow a crazy feeling that rumbles the earth beneath me.

Over dinner, Theresa, an employee of my accommodation, told me about the Lucians who recharge their batteries there. They drive to the thermal baths to wash their worries away. Mostly at night, because then there are no tourists there and the outside temperature is more pleasant, for a warm bath. Apart from purifying the soul, thermal water from the volcano is said to have a rejuvenating effect, make it more beautiful and help with skin diseases. If those aren't all good reasons to take that bath and mud wrap, then I don't know either.

I descend into the dark thermal bath, step by step I feel my way down the four steps with my feet. A local by my hand who helps me not to slip. The water is definitely a pleasant 30 degrees. I feel about up to my waist and that's why I dive down a bit and enjoy the soothing warmth around me. I love bathing.

Then it goes a stage further, out of the water and put your hands in the bucket, which is filled with mud. It's time for the mud pack. -Grey, slightly grainy and nice and mushy. I spread it all over my skin. I let it dry until it becomes slightly crumbly and go back to the thermal bath to wash it off there. It is good to just dab yourself lightly with the towel after the bath so that the minerals can be better absorbed by the skin. I didn't shower until hours later and pulled the last chunks of mud out of my hair. I can't judge so well whether I'm more beautiful now. However, my skin is very soft, I am more relaxed and it is a pleasant experience.

Sulfur Springs Saint Lucia | Address: Bay Street, P.O. Box 272 Soufriere | No reservation is required for this excursion. The costs are around 5.50 USD for the mud bath and the visit and tour of the volcano including mud bath at 13 USD. Children receive reduced prices.


St. Lucia sights - Tip 5: Sleep in the luxury resort Sugar Beach - The princess and the pea

Who didn't dream of being a princess as a child? in the Sugar Beach Resort, between the Piton Mountains, you can. Here the frogs are attracted by light at night and whoever kisses you, who knows, may also get the right prince. I am greeted with a whipped, refreshing coconut while my suitcases are loaded onto the shuttle. After the check-in it goes to my suite. Felicia, my personal butler, shows me all the necessary functions and leaves me alone in my new realm.

I film my tour of the room with my mobile phone, which takes me over two minutes. Lots of daylight, bright rooms, minimalist decoration and wonderful photos, framed and hanging on the wall. The glass door to my terrace lets me catch a glimpse of my own small pool with a sea view. However, it is already dark and late. The sandman has almost already knocked, I lie down in my bed and am almost completely enveloped, like in a cloud. Between pillows, duvet and a soft mattress. The princess and the pea, only I can't find a pea.

The next morning I start by calling my shuttle to get across the property to the breakfast area. Once there, I first walk a little through the complex and discover numerous art objects throughout the house. I look at figures climbing up walls, pictures that go beyond the actual picture in 3D, designer furniture and many sculptures on my tour of the hotel. This is guaranteed to be put together by a connoisseur and I am in love with the attention to detail.

After my extensive breakfast, which is available both à la carte or as a buffet, this time I explore the hotel grounds without a shuttle and take my digestive walk down to the beach. What very few people know is that all stalls on St. Lucia are public and therefore accessible to everyone. The Sugar Beach Resort, however, has the only sandy beach between the Piton Mountains. The sunset from this place is a feast for the eyes, a pink sky, the red shimmering sea and just plain calm. It is more than bearable here and, as I said, freely accessible to everyone. Room prices vary depending on the season and accommodation. However, one can say that they start from 600 € per night.

St. Lucia sights - tip 6: discover the underwater world weightlessly

I walk on the beach to the area where I can already see the organizer's logo. The diving equipment is already ready. Now that I've already explored the underwater world at night, I'm excited to see what awaits me down there in daylight. I would have loved to test SeaTrek, with it wearing a kind of astronaut helmet and walking back towards the beach on the ocean floor. Unfortunately, all helmets were scheduled for that day and so I signed up for Snuba. Snuba is diving, just not with an oxygen tank on her back. The bottle is on a small inflatable boat on the surface of the sea and allows me to dive up to six meters deep through a hose.

My dive guide gives me a short briefing beforehand. The last time I scuba diving was in my childhood, I only knew snorkeling. We first practice “breathing underwater” in shallow water. When we are ready, we swim like mermaids, from Star Wars, with our breathing apparatus. I see a lot of small fish, corals, a large starfish and a small sea horse. I love the calm underwater. The noises become dull, the movements slower, the tickling sensation of the rising air bubbles over my face and the water sliding past you as I flap my fins. It's a different world, the underwater world. I've got used to breathing by now, my guide makes sure with a wave of the hand underwater that I'm okay. I am fine. For people who are just starting to dive and want to venture a step further than snorkeling, this excursion is perfect. I recommend making a reservation on the website or through your own hotel, especially if you want to test SeaTrek.

Cox & Company Ltd. Saint Lucia: Cox & Company offers tours every day at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. These take about 2 hours. The costs for this are 75 euros per person including pick-up from the hotel.

St. Lucia sights - Tip 7: Dance until the bottom glows

Unfortunately, this item on the program literally fell into the water. However, I did not let the last spark of hope be taken away from me and went there despite the rain to make sure that nothing was really going on. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to dance and eat. The Fridaynight Jump Party sounds like it was made for me. Unfortunately, the weather thwarted my plans. We're driving through the neighborhood. Occasionally you can see a few people with umbrellas scurrying across the street, some with a drink in hand in front of a bar. Others at their food stand at the grill. It's a shame, the music I can hear and the barbeque smell that rises up my nose give hope for great things. Unfortunately not for me today. My driver tells me that the street we are currently driving through is usually closed and everything is full of locals and tourists. It is nice to see how everyone mixes in here to spend a great evening together.

Fridaynight Jump is, as the name suggests, every Friday night in Gros Islet.

Even if the saying sounds trite, there is some truth to it: Travel is the only way to spend money and you still get richer - I noticed that again, especially on this trip. I remember David saying that the islanders make up St Lucia and I saw the perfect example of this:

When I wanted to buy ginger with the ailing Elke at a street food stand in St. Lucia, the saleswoman could not give us change on a 50 dollar bill and gave us a large piece. She said, "Just come back when you have a dollar and pay." THAT was blind trust in a stranger, it was so wonderful to have this experience. The bottom line for me from this situation is to see more of the good and to trust. Generally seen, in daily situations, in relationships, in friendships, with one's own gut feeling. One love.

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